Best places to use your Anti-condensation paint at home! |

In case you didn't know, condensation is a physical phenomenon that occurs when water vapour in the air is transformed into a liquid when it comes into contact with a cold surface.

This type of humidity is common in homes when the inside temperature is higher than the outside temperature, and it manifests itself in the form of mist or small drops of water on contact points such as walls, ceilings and windows; At home, the phenomenon of condensation occurs in very humid environments such as the kitchen or bathroom, or on colder surfaces and corners, such as windows or walls facing north.

And… No one likes it… Right? 

Dampness due to condensation also causes the appearance of mould and a strong smell of dampness that can be very uncomfortable and even harmful to health.

The usual causes of condensation damp are

Lack of ventilation

When the rooms are closed for a long time, the air-tightness absorbs the humidity from the air and accumulates it. Opening the windows every day for 10 or 15 minutes is a practical and simple solution to prevent condensation.

Very high heating temperature

Have you ever noticed that condensation damp is more common in the winter? By turning on the heating every day, and in a constant way, we favour the proliferation of humidity by increasing the difference between indoor and outdoor temperature.

Poor insulation

When a house has thermal insulation problems, cold enters and humidity "sticks" to the walls. 

Some daily actions that help to avoid this type of dampness are dry clothes outdoors (never on radiators or indoors), bring the heating to room temperature, ventilate the bathroom after the shower, and cover the pots, pans and frying pans when cooking.

The presence of condensation on the walls can cause damage to finishes, such as paint peeling, or encourage the proliferation of moulds that make the environment unhealthy and often cause allergies in people.

However, Anti-Condensation Paint is here to save your life, and is the perfect answer for applications requiring long lasting protection from continuous and severe condensation. 

It has been used in kitchens and bathrooms in homes, hotels, schools, universities, restaurants, service stations, gyms, swimming pools and spas. 

This paint can easily be applied for you by brush, roller or spray. Use product in just the same areas as conventional emulsions.

Our Anti-condensation paint is ideal to be used where condensation can create problems where moisture forms and mould grows.

Some of the trouble areas are:

-Areas where mould grows (mould must be cleaned off before applying)

-Cold walls and ceilings

-Bathrooms and wet rooms


If you want your mould nightmare to go away, grab your brush and improve your whole house with Anti-condensation paint! Try it, and let us know what you think about!