How to get the perfect finish with Anti-condensation paint |

If you are thinking of immunizing your home with Anti-condensation paint we can tell you that in our experience it is a good alternative.

Although there’s no such perfect formula to get the perfect finish, we can tell you what will surely work for you! 

However, we recommend you to choose a quality anti-condensation paint to get started with the right foot! 

Now we have put together some of the most relevant indications to be taken into account in order to know how to paint and achieve a perfect finish.

To venture into painting the walls and ceilings of a room or house, or to paint other types of surfaces such as furniture, decorative objects, etc. requires, beforehand, information on how to achieve this in order to make this challenge a success.

It is important to choose high quality paints that are suitable for the type of surface, so that the result will be much more satisfactory.

Although it may seem an obvious question, this is not always the case. 

It has happened to all of us that because we wanted to save a few pounds, we have bought a low quality product and have not achieved good results. 

That is why we insist that you do not settle for just any paint, look for a specific one for the material on which you are going to apply it, of a type adapted to your needs, water-based, solvent based, matt or gloss effect. Not all paints serve the same purpose, and this is a decisive factor in achieving a perfect finish.

Our Anti-condensation paint is ideal to be used where condensation can create problems where moisture forms and mould grows.

The main uses for this paint are:

  • Bathrooms and wet rooms
  • Kitchens

Areas where mould grows (mould must be cleaned off before applying)

And some other more… 

Once you have the paint we recommend you apply paint primer to achieve a professional finish -This is the key-

There are different types of additives, and your choice will depend on what you need. 

Another option is, if the surface you are going to paint is going to be exposed to a high level of humidity, choose an anti-humidity additive, or if it is going to be outdoors and in direct sun, an additive to better resist high temperatures.

Use brushes, rollers or other specific tools for the finish you wish to achieve (of course you can not paint with your fingers)

A paint with a perfect finish can be achieved as long as, in addition to the tips above, you bear in mind that you have to use brushes, rollers or other specific tools, if you want to paint invert on these tools!

There are many options on the market, from yarn rollers, wool rollers, cotton rollers, anti-drip rollers, to give effects, foam rollers... And the same goes for paint brushes, some are wide, flat, round, smaller or larger, with natural or synthetic bristles, etc.

If you have any doubts, ask us to recommend what to apply it with.

Now that you know the tips to get a perfect finish with your paints, any project you propose will be great, go for it!