The best advice for damp walls! |

There is something that is basic: To remove damp stains on the walls you first have to eliminate the causes that produce that dampness. The rest is just "makeup" that will last as long as a sigh.

Would you like to know what to do with a damp wall? 

Now that we have the idea clear, I'm going to give you some advice that will surely help you solve your problems.

Although it may seem a contradiction in terms, let's start with what we DO NOT HAVE TO DO, in other words: DO NOT PAINT on a wall with humidity.

Take into account the risks of painting over a place that is humid. In 100% of the cases (that is ALWAYS) the humidity will end up reappearing. You will have spent time and money to make everything as it was at the beginning.

The 3 most common forms of wall damp have to do (coincidentally) with 3 different causes. 

Wall with humidity by filtration

Dampness by filtration is that which is produced by the entry of water through holes or cracks in the walls.

Leaks usually occur as a result of unsealed or poorly sealed areas. Water is relentless and will manage to pass through any sector exposed to the weather:

  • Walls to the outside 
  • Roofing
  • Funnels

The causes of dampness by filtration can also have to do with losses in water installations. A pipe (tubing) damaged by blows, bad joints or old age will end up causing humidity in walls.

The best treatment for damp due to leaks will be to stop the causes. To do this, it is first necessary to have a good diagnosis. Advice: avoid "self-medication" and better call a technician.

-Anti damp and waterproofing paints, which you can find at our store

-Silicone or polyurethane sealants (when there are cracks or fissures in ceilings and walls)

-Liquid membranes or asphalt membranes (when the roof "drips")

-Repairing the damaged pipe or tubing (when it is damaged)

Condensation humidity...

It is one of the most frequent causes of problems in the home. Condensation humidity is that which is produced inside the house due to excessive humidity in the environment. Understand this difference: it does not come from outside.

Condensation is a phenomenon that consists of the passage of water from its vapour state to a liquid state.

You can also purchase our anti-condensation paint with your anti-damp paint at which surely will help you with that problem! 

Also there is the rising damp generated by a natural process. The water and mineral salts in the soil where your house is built rise through the pores or capillaries of the materials used to build the walls of the houses.

To remove dampness, there’s a lot more than painting, and once you get to the painting process, you need to get the best quality products for a better finish.

Although this type of humidity is much better worked by a professional because of the level of knowledge and technique it requires, you can ask us about the products you need on our website, and I assure you that we will help you find the best for you! 

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