Best art pieces Ideas with Chalkboard paint |

It’s not a surprise that chalk color is exactly what it sounds like: When it is used on a wall, that wall becomes a chalkboard. 

What some people don't know about it, is that chalkboard paint can be used on any surface!

 Here are some of the best creative ideas for transforming everything from wine glasses to stairs.

If you're looking for a unique cheese board, do it yourself! With a little chalk color, a discount tray can be transformed into a serving platter that'll inspire conversation with customizable lettering. We would recommend covering the surface with a clear piece of glass, but that looks rather gouda-like, what do you think?

Personalized cups!

Whatever the season, make a set of do-it-yourself chalk cups for your whole family so that everyone can keep their gloves off each other's hot cocoa!  All you need is a generously sized cup and a can of chalk chalk paint, and you can make your own customizable versions.

Wall Calendar

The scheduler app on your phone can't compete with this beautiful, larger-than-life wall calendar from Martha Stewart Living. By mixing white and black chalk chalk color in a variety of shades of gray, the calendar becomes a purposeful work of art. 

DIY wine glasses

If your family is anything like mine, they leave their drink in a room and spend the rest of the night trying to find it again. With table wine glasses it is not confusing whose drink belongs to whom.  Painted in bright, pop colors, the same glasses would be perfect for summer entertainment.

Let’s rise to the top with painted stairs!

We all know the popularity of painted stairs, so why not go one step further and accentuate your risers with mini boards. Number them, or write funny messages that can be changed regularly!

Door with chalkboard color!

If painting the whole wall seems a bit too much chalkboard for your taste, consider painting an important but limited element, such as a door. In this way, the chalkboard becomes an interesting part of your decor, rather than the centerpiece, but with advantages.

Did someone say kitchen? Chalkboard backsplash

And finally, you can draw your own "tile patterns" on a homemade chalkboard to match your mood - or make a new recipe visible from anywhere in the kitchen!

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