Chalk Paint vs. Chalkboard Paint |

If you're reading this blog, you may ask yourself… What's the difference between Chalkboard paint and chalk paint?  

Chalk Paint

This is a latex-based decorative paint mixed with a finely ground power substance, like plaster of Paris. The powder thickens the paint, and when applied, gives furniture and other surfaces a distressed, matte finish. What can you use it on? Pretty much sky's the limit: cabinets, walls, tiles, furniture, floors, you name it. What shouldn't you do with it? Write on it.

Two things that commonly get mixed up are chalk paint and chalkboard paint. What is the real difference, and how can these two styles of paints be used to your advantage? Both of these paints achieve unique finishes that allow your personal style to come to life.


 We've laid it all out for you in detail to help tackle your next DIY chalk or chalkboard paint project. Find out what you can achieve with these two amazing but different types of paint.

Pretty much the only purpose of Chalkboard paint is to use on surfaces where you want to write or draw (most likely with chalk), such as on a wall or door. Basically, you're creating an erasable surface. While you can easily buy chalkboard paint, you can also do the DIY thing and make your own, creating any color you wish.

Chalkboards are great for do it yourself projects, actually are used to turn old tabletops into writable surfaces for children places, great for parties and creative spaces!

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Moreover, chalk paint is a specific type of paint that can help create an antique to vintage-modern look for furniture. It gets its name because of the matte chalk-like finish. 

Chalk paint can be applied over most existing surfaces, and many surfaces don't need to be sanded! 

Perfect for refreshing old and new wooden furniture, cast stone, concrete, and even metal surfaces to create one-of-a-kind accent pieces. This easy step-by-step process will have old furniture looking shabby-chic in no time.

Also, a lot of people prefer to use chalkboard paint because of the finish difference; it's all app to you and your style! 

What will be your next step into painting? Let us know in the comments! 

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