How to use and apply chalkboard paint |

When you use chalk color for the first time, you immediately become addicted to it. You can turn any clean surface into a writing tablet and a drawing pad for traditional chalk pens or chalk markers. Apply Chalk Paint to a child's chest of drawers so that they can write down the contents of each drawer (kids love it!).

For your information, 4 ounces of chalkboard paint covers about 10 square feet. Be sure to buy a dense foam roller cover and a matching roll, not the larger covers and rolls used for wall and ceiling projects at home. You can do this project quickly and neatly because the chalk paint is cleaned with soap and water. However, allow a full day's curing time before applying chalk to the surface.

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Now let's get started: 

Start with a clean surface that does not have any cracks or other defects. If there are any irregularities, repair them with wood filler or wood putty. Carefully sand the surface with fine-grained sandpaper. Chalk paint is not as thick as acrylic latex house paint and does not have the ability to fill and even out surface problems. Therefore you must bring the surface into the condition you expect after the hardening of the chalk paint. If the surface is particularly rough or porous, treat it with a color primer; find more at

To clean the surface, wipe the surface with a cloth or a clean, dry cloth to remove all traces of sawdust. Be especially careful with the clothes!

Clean the surface but do not use water to clean the surface, as this will only lift the texture and make renewed sanding necessary.

Now, bring the chalk paint to room temperature. Shake or stir the bottle well. Pour only a small amount of the paint into the paint tray. Let it rest, because bubbles may have formed while stirring.

Pour out the chalk paint.

Pick up the paint on the roller cover. 

Start by carefully pressing the roller in the chalk color, covering the entire roller cover. Roll out the paint so that it is fairly dry. It should not be heavy or dripping with paint. 

Pick up the ink on the roller cover.

Apply the chalk color in a single light layer on the surface. Chalk paint, even more than traditional paints, does not work well if you try to apply thick layers. After this first layer, let it dry for an hour before applying the next layer. Apply at least two coats of chalk paint.

Apply the chalk chalk paint on the surface
Bring the chalk color to the edge (optional)
You can define edges on a flat surface with painting tape.

After the paint has dried for at least 24 hours, you must condition the surface before use. Lightly rub the entire surface with the edge of a chalk pencil.

Finally, the chalk is rubbed into the surface with a clean, dry cloth. The aim is to create a deep black, deep grey color that is consistent over the entire surface.

After the surface has been conditioned, you can write on it with chalk.

Paint a whole wall as a canvas for scenery. Grab interesting plates from your local second-hand store and turn them into notepads. Coat wine bottles with chalk paint or turn an artfully framed mirror into a writing pad. Whatever you want, let your imagination run wild.

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