Recover Furniture! These are some Ideas you can try with your Chalkboard paint! |

We all have an old dresser we love, but let’s be honest, is not that cute as it used to be… 

Now we’re showing you the easiest way to recover that old furniture with chalkboard paint! 

Chalkboard paint is great for DIY projects. Turn old table tops into writable surfaces for a child’s room, or use it on an old buffet, great for parties and labeling dishes.

Also it’s perfect for refreshing old and new wooden furniture...

Now, get down to business! 

Let’s recover that Painted Dresser

-Remove loose or chipped paint with sandpaper. Sand down glossy surfaces. Clean with soap and water and let dry.

-Priming is recommended for bare wood and metal. You can paint 2 hours after you prime. Priming the surface with latex primer allows for superior adhesion, and best results.

-Mix paint thoroughly. Thinning is not required, but if you live in hot, dry regions, you may thin with water. 

The paint usually takes 2-4 hours to dry completely and will need more time when it is colder. It is dry to the touch in about 30 minutes and can be re-coated after 4 hours.

Also you can get that antique look, apply a wax or glaze over the base paint and wipe away. 

If you choose to distress, lightly sand the surface with a fine to medium grit sandpaper, or use a sanding sponge. Take off as much or as little paint as you want to achieve your desired look.

 We’re almost there! Clean-up

Most chalkboard paints are latex, meaning they are water based, so soap and water is all you need for cleaning up. Make sure brushes are rinsed out and discard empty containers.

Chalkboard paint usually takes 2-4 hours to dry completely. It is dry to the touch in about 30 minutes. Paint will take longer to dry if the humidity is above 50%. Re-coat the surface after 4 hours.

In case you didn't know, Chalkboard paint needs to be conditioned to allow proper erasability.

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