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Humidity is the presence of water vapours in the air. These vapours condense on the surface of the wall and make them damp.

There are possible reasons for this process. The more amount of water vapor in the air, the greater the chances of it condensing at the surface of the wall. The humidity content is high in the air at higher temperatures. In summer more water is evaporated into the atmosphere increasing the vapor content of the air. There are several possible reasons for the moisture content to increase in the house which are stated below.

The water vapours make the surface damp after condensation that creates a safe environment for mould to grow. Mould is a fungus that grows at damp places. This high moisture area assists in the growth of mould. Once started to grow it is difficult to contain and it is not only ugly but also a hazard to the health of the people around it. To get rid of the mould you have to clean the surface completely by manual means and pain it with mould resistant paint. So, that it does not returns or you can use mould killing paint that can be applied directly at mould surface and saves you the trouble of cleaning.

Reasons for humidity

  • Water leakage or seepage

If there is a continuous presence of moisture you have to make sure that the water pipes near this area are working fine. Usually, this happens due to the water pipe is seeping or leaking. This can be bad in different ways. For example, even after removing the mould and repainting the problem will not be solved. For that, you have to discover the root of the problem and remove it.

  • Type of application

The amount of humidity in the air depends on the type of application. For example, in the bathroom and kitchen, more humidity is present due to the frequent use of water. In the kitchen, while cooking the water will evaporate and the use of a gas heater in winter also increases the humidity level in the air.

  • Bad ventilation 

If the air is not properly circulated it can contribute to condensation of the water on the walls. For example, the increased humidity air from the gas heater and kitchen should be removed from the house into the open atmosphere. If this air does not find a path to outside the water vapor will remain trapped inside the house and will condense on the walls creating problems. The house should be properly ventilated for the smooth circulation of the air.

  • Drying laundry inside

This is one of the factors that increases humidity content in the air. To dry the clothes the water evaporates from the clothes into the surrounding air. This provides you dry clothes but also very humid air.

To avoid the handling of the mould once it is grown you can remove the problem before it begins by using humidity-resistant emulsion paint. This paint will not let the moisture condense on the surface or even if it condenses it does not let it penetrate through the paint layer. The use of this paint reduces the condensation process and protects the walls and ceilings. This method of tackling the mould problem before it begins is very simple and important and saves you the cost of cleaning and repainting of the mould surfaces.

Good humidity resistant paint

A humidity-resistant paint should withstand severe variations in the humidity level. Acrylic paints have the best reputation in this type of application. Any paint which has these characteristics can be used. The following characteristics should be present in moisture-resistant emulsion paint. The paint should,

  • Have moisture-proof coating agents that improve moisture and water resistance.

  • Be appliable in warm and cold conditions as long as the surface is dry

  • Be able to be used in high relative humidity up to 80 percent.

  • Be problem-free and easy to prepare and apply.

  • Have good adhesive properties so that it sticks to the surface for a very long time.

  • Have resistance against oil, greases, and chemicals.

  • Be excellent dirt repellent.

  • Have low cost and easily available near your location.

  • Not have any unpleasant odour 

Before applying paint keep the above-mentioned factors in mind to get the desired results. A good quality paint that has strong resistance against the humidity should be selected for a long-lasting paint job. In high humidity areas like a bathroom the water evaporates, steam rises and gets trapped. This trapped vapor occurs if the area is not ventilated properly. This results in the peeling of the paint which can be avoided as a pain that is suitable for these high humid areas, humidity-resistant paint. To achieve good results in this type of application, acrylic paints are the best option. These paints offer great resistance and durability in such tough environments. In comparison to oil-based paints, acrylic paints offer resistance against cracking, flaking, and blistering. These paints are tough not only against moisture but also against snow, rain, and direct sunshine.

Surface preparation before applying the paint is an important step and should not be ignored. It is important to clean the surface from any kind of dirt or filth for proper adhesion of the paint to the surface. Selecting the right time to paint is also an important decision. Keep your eye on the weather forecast of your area and select the time when the humidity levels are relatively low. This is done to avoid the moisture getting trapped under the coat of paint which results in blistering. Use gloss or semi-gloss finish paints in areas with high moisture contents like the shower as compares to flat finish paints because the flat finish paints are likely to absorb moisture.

The colour selection of the paint depends on your judgment. Before selecting the final colour for your interior, first test that colour on some surface. You can visit some pre-painted houses like your friend’s house or other to see what paint colour will be more suitable for you. Another important advice is that buy enough paint that will paint your complete house because if you run short on paint it will be hard to find the same colour from the market again.

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