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Here are 3 ways to redecorate your garden!

Now, we will show you 3 ways you can decorate your terrace or garden and give style to those important spaces in your home.

Decoration of small gardens:

If you want your small garden to appear more spacious, there are several ways you can obtain a spacious effect and also give it that elegant and modern touch you want.

An elegant way to give more space to your garden is through different levels. The leveling can be with teak or other types of wood. This way, you can divide or isolate different spaces on your terrace.

Also, the color white gives you a lot of space; if your walls are white and very maintained, they'll look awesome! 

Another way to give your small garden a luxurious decoration is with an oriental style decoration. The oriental culture of Zen gardens is very beneficial, as well as useful, for those exterior spaces that are not very large, giving a sensation of spaciousness.

An element that can benefit your garden or small terrace is the wooden pergola. These can be seen very well, giving the space a little more personality and style, and also delimiting each of its parts for the specific function of each one.

Garden decoration in a rustic style:

If you want a garden or terrace with a more comfortable and cosy atmosphere, the rustic style can be exactly what you are looking for. This style can easily be achieved using rough wood, wicker furniture, pillows with different patterns, a personalized painted wall, and other accessories such as lanterns, candles, wooden tables, and stone paths.

Another element that cannot be missing to achieve that rustic and cosy effect in our garden or terrace is the green.

It is important to use hanging plants and vines; they will give that natural tone we are looking for. And the star element: wood.

Garden decoration with swimming pool

If your garden has a swimming pool, you already have that extra element that will give this space the perfect reason to get together and enjoy with your friends and family. However, there are several things to consider before incorporating this element into your garden in case you haven't or aren't planning to do so.

One of the most important factors when decorating a garden with a pool is the location of the pool. It is essential that the pool is located in a place where the sun falls directly and away from strong winds; this will make the moments you spend in it much more pleasant.

Once you have thought about the location of the pool, there are several elements you can add to the garden that will make the decoration ideal.

 Remember to use the correct paint to decorate your garden, waterproof, anti-damp, and Insulating one! 

Plants are fundamental in the decoration of a garden; choosing exotic plants, pots with natural plants, or planting a tree is enough. Remember that it is always important to keep the balance; we don't want the garden to look like a jungle either.

Moreover, choosing the plants as a whole is essential, as this way, their shapes and colours will harmonize with each other. Another important aspect is to be well informed about the amount of light that each species needs before planting them so that we can place them in the most favorable zone.

 Another element that you can also incorporate is several sun loungers to relax and sunbathe near the pool.

Sounds like fun, right?

Try your own personalized garden! 

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