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Colours for patio or terrace walls have always been a special place to relax and enjoy.

Make a complete rejuvenation of your exterior space; that special place where you relax and share...


But what are the best colours for painting patios or terraces?


The truth is that the saying "colours are for everyone" applies perfectly here. There is no formula that tells us which are the best colours; everything depends on our tastes, what we want, the furniture and objects we have, among other things... What we will do in the following lines is to show you which are the most used colours to paint patios and terraces.

Here are the trendy Garden color paints that you should try! 


An original and striking colour, the warmth is ensured by the tone of the walls, even on the most leaden afternoons. Mediterranean plants such as olive trees, cypresses, santolines, lavenders, etc., are perfect with a background of this colour… As if it were the Tuscan sun.


Orange is as warm as yellow but less risky, although it always depends on the vividness of the tone. Some courtyards are painted in a rather dull orange tone, almost a boiler, which being striking does not stand out too much and is very elegant.

Two slightly riskier options. We find the brighter tones ideal for a tropical garden because of the contrast with the bright green plants and large leaves. Looks just spectacular!


As you may know, red is a very elegant colour that gives depth to the garden and contrasts with the green of the plants. It must be one of the most suffered colours because it is a bit dark, but we would only recommend it in large gardens. 

It's perfect as a background on a wall covered with climbing plants, and it reminds me of the colour of brick walls, which are more than classic!

Blue, green, and purple 

And although they are less common, blue, green, and purple can be options to consider for more artistic purposes, to achieve a modern environment, or for any other Aesthetic look.


Get the complete rejuvenation of your exterior walls and tell us more about it! We're so pleased to hear from you! 

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