Garden paint ideas that never go out of style |

There are several tricks and ways that can be very useful when decorating your garden or terrace, either to expand the smallest spaces or to create a better atmosphere of nature and comfort.

Nowadays, there is less and less time left to go out and enjoy the garden or the terrace, and of course, we should include painting, especially if our green space is surrounded by walls that require maintenance.

Sometimes it's really necessary to rejuvenate the garden place, that space where you can disconnect and be quiet…

If you want to give a renewed air to your exteriors, painting the walls may be the best solution. But which colour to choose? Below we will show you some images that will help you to choose the colours to paint patios or terraces.


The effect that colours have on people's moods is remarkable; the psychology of colour applied to the decoration. Depending on the tones we choose, we will achieve luminosity, sobriety, elegance, joy, etc... In addition, in the decoration of patios, several tones can be combined, since these exterior spaces give a lot of play.

Pastels are the colours of macarons and cupcakes. Also of cotton candy.

They have all the personality of colour, but softened with large doses of white. And their effects are immediate: they calm, relax, and illuminate in equal parts. 

Mint green: refreshing sweetness

It's been in fashion for years, and it looks like it still has a lot of rope left! He reappeared in the world of decoration with a vintage look, rescued from past times and revered. Reappearing under coats of paint on pickled wood furniture, giving colour to old school iron pieces, in details such as vases turned into flower vases... Serene and refreshing, mint green finds in white and light wood its perfect traveling companions. 

Pink: cotton candy

A Garden in pastel pink and wooden ceiling, It's just a masterpiece, the perfect mixture between the delicate. 

He deserves it because pink, in its softer varieties, is romantic and relaxing. A soft embrace. The perfect colour to decorate walls and bedroom furniture. 

Blue: and it became calm

Blue evokes serenity, so it is perfect for rooms where you spend many hours or where you need to concentrate. A wall in blue stands out and will be the centre of all eyes; you can do it with paint or wallpaper, like here. In the company of the white, it gains luminosity and a fresh and summery air. 

If you want to use wallpaper instead of paint, measure the length of the wall to calculate the rolls you will need. Take a good look at the tinting so that they match. A vinyl or pre-glued paper will be easier to place. Clean the wall well before and, if necessary, smooth it. Now, place the first strip, which will serve as a reference. Press the paper from top to bottom with a brush.

Combine it with colours that blend in with its coolness, such as toasted and beige tones.

With grey, if you also want to give it a sophisticated air.

If you want pure calm, play at making gradients by combining turquoise with indigos and oil tones.

Did you like them?

Try your own personalized garden, and let us know how it goes!

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