How to paint and decrease the impact of exterior damage on the interior environment?

December 10, 2021
How to paint and decrease the impact of exterior damage on the interior environment? -
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External temperatures have a dramatic impact on inside building conditions, resulting in a list of other aggravating problems. There are many examples of these conditions in buildings in the United Kingdom, and experts recommend that the range of humidity should range between 30-60%. But what really happens when these external humidity conditions fluctuate from this normal? 

The awful influence of the external environment may have an impact on the inside environment's typical composure. Larger commercial buildings, such as warehouses, residential complexes, shopping malls, and other huge structures, are affected even worse.

Infiltration of moisture and water into the walls of any structure leads to plenty of additional serious and life-threatening issues. The water and moisture infiltration from the outside extreme weather causes the growth of mould, dampness, cracks, blistering paint, and deterioration of the building structure.

This situation could cause decreased thermal insulation, lifespan, and a healthy eco-friendly environment. If you could offer your clients solutions to these problems before they arise, they would feel much more confident about your expertise and ultimately feel better about their project as a result.

All of these issues could be solved with Thermilate PRO Exterior Textured Wall Coatings. This paint has been scientifically verified and developed in accordance with best international principles to address multiple commercial construction issues. Stone walls, concrete, pebble-dash, and brick will all benefit from the protective coating from moisture ingress and heat gain damage from this paint.

The thick coatings of this paint are formulated to resist the heavy penetration of water and moisture into the walls and will decrease and eliminate moulds, condensation, and bacterial contamination. Besides these benefits, the paint is an absolute heat insulator due to its high-build insulation and 100% acrylic water proof coating. It could not only increase the thermal insulation of the paint but also increase the durability of your surfaces, avoiding them getting discolored or blistered with time. 

The use of energy might be greatly reduced with Thermilates improved thermal insulation. Because Thermilates thermal barriers will reflect an excessive amount of heat from entering the building in the summer, alternatively the barriers will also limit heat loss in the winter by reflecting heat back into the room rather than the heat being lost to the external environment, reducing the use of electric appliances. This could help the environment by increasing and decreasing the amount of energy consumed by heaters and air conditioners to heat and cool the room.

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