How to paint and eliminate the grease, mould, and condensation of the kitchen and enhance its beautiful look for your clients? -

Preparing and cooking meals is the primary function of a kitchen. Activities such as washing dishes, cooking food on the stove, and other general activities that occur in the kitchen require multiple water supplies, a drainage system, and high temperatures. In these conditions, bacteria, mould, moisture, and condensation thrive on unprotected surfaces. 

At least 45 million buildings in the United Kingdom have unhealthy levels of mould. Especially in kitchens where grease is more likely to occur, it can also release a foul, musky odour, which could cause plenty of additional health issues for your property, projects or clients' residence. According to the World Health Organization, 7 million deaths per year are linked to indoor and outdoor air pollution. 

If you do not give a proper solution timely, condensation and mould growth can worsen the wall dampness, reduce thermal insulation, and accelerate the ageing of the building's complete structure. However, when paint is often the only barrier that protects your walls and ceilings, what can be done to safeguard the kitchen walls?

HQC Kitchen & Bathroom Paint is a scientifically proven paint thats formulated with exceptional mould, moisture, and water resistance like no other. This paint insulates and protects the walls from moisture, water penetration and stops mould from growing back, while still preserving the interior design and beauty of the walls.

The humidity and moisture penetration are the biggest causes of mould appearance that can lead to the growth of bacteria, fungi, grease, and an unpleasant and unclean kitchen atmosphere. These issues are extremely harmful to the lungs and can cause irritation and allergic reactions. As a result, HQC paint is a made to prevent and keep a suitable and effective solution to these issues.

A single coat of HQC can provide solid protection against mould and moisture for up to five years. This could extend the life of the entire structure while also slowing down the ageing process. Maintaining the interior surfaces with this paint will prevent peeling, flaking, and blistering of paint in the kitchen.