How to paint and prevent water intrusion into your walls?

December 10, 2021
How to paint and prevent water intrusion into your walls? -
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The most painful thing for your clients is to have to paint again and again. Surfaces that are not protected from water contribute to peeling, flaking, discoloration, water infiltration, ultimately requiring more maintenance. Water could be a threat to buildings and residential properties and can affect the stability of walls and surfaces. If water seeps into buildings through cracks, unprotected walls and surfaces, it can cause a lot of problems for the project and the people living inside. 

The current estimates for the number of houses affected by dampness rise to over 25%. One of the most dangerous problems is penetrating damp. Penetrating damp might seem just visually intruding, but in actuality, penetrating damp is the beginning of a long sequence of problems that will follow.

Mould growth, bacteria creation, dampness, cracks, flaking, and discoloration of walls can all occur when moisture and water infiltrate structures and exterior walls. After all of the effort that goes into renovating the interior and exterior of a building, moisture and heat gain damage makes it is easy for it to be severely damaged.

Water infiltration is the most significant worry since it not only threatens the structural integrity of buildings, it can also reduce their thermal insulation, making them less efficient. Furthermore, the housing market and commercial properties may age more quickly. All of these issues could put your clients' finances under a lot of stress and further increase maintenance. If you can give a solution that reduces and eliminates these concerns, you will discover that your clients will find it extremely advantageous and much more satisfying.

So, what solution can you provide to your clients that can work? The answer lies in our Thermilate technology formulated products that solve and counteract these problems of water ingress, mould generation, and penetrating dampness. The PRO – Exterior Wall Coating (S-Flex) was created using nanotechnology by their research and development department. This product has undergone rigorous testing and yielded good results.

PRO Exterior wall coatings will offer the best protection against infiltrating moisture, water, heat gain damage and extreme weather. This exterior wall coating is effective in eliminating mould, moisture, bacteria, germs, and penetrating dampness and prevent it from happening again. Furthermore, PRO S-flex Exterior wall coating has the potential to significantly improve the thermal insulation of homes and other residential structures.

Increased thermal insulation will help reduce heat loss, which would result in less energy being used to heat interior rooms using heaters. In the summer, the thermal barrier of Thermilates will deflect excessive heat from entering the surface, resulting in less air conditioning use and more comfortable temperature rooms in hotter climates. Helping reduce consumption and reliance on electricity may increase customer satisfaction and reduce their carbon footprint. Aside from these fantastic advantages, the outside wall coating's water-based acrylic water-based paint could also improve the breathability and eco-friendliness of the environment, which could help build product trust among our customers. 

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