How to paint and protect wooden doors, wooden window sills, and other wooden surfaces from rotting and mould formation? -

When it comes to moisture, it can not only affect the walls, floors, ceilings, and roofs but can also ruin the paint and décor on wooden doors, window sills, and other wooden surfaces in the kitchen, bathroom, and other living spaces. The current estimates for the number of houses affected by dampness range from 4% to over 25%

The issues may appear to be restricted to moisture and water, but they could also include additional moisture and water-related issues such as the emergence of moulds, cracks, fungi, and bacterial contamination. These issues could jeopardize not only the structural integrity of the building, but also the health and hygiene of the internal environment. This is where HQC assists the painting and decorating industry by offering products to address these issues.

HQC wood paint is made to not only colour your surfaces but add a protective, durable coating to protect wooden doors and window sills. This is a paint that has been scientifically tested to produce exceptional effects against water and moisture.

Using their coatings to safeguard your structure against the damaging effects of dampness and water penetration to prevent the issue of unprotected hardwood doors and window sills that may continue to deteriorate. Any project could not afford to lose the crafted design and elegance of the interior home.

As a result, it has been formulated to prevent mould growth, rot, and cracking on wooden surfaces of doors and window sills. So that your wood surfaces will be protected from the outside environment with durable insulating coatings and long-lasting colour of the paint. The waterproof and weatherproof properties of this paint will also contribute to eliminating the musty odour of moisture seepage while also lowering the ongoing repair costs for your clients or project. So, if you are looking for a durable and economical solution to moisture related issues, there is no better option than HQC wood paint.