The trend of putting plants inside the room isn’t going out of trend because of its multiple benefits and the amazing look it offers to your room. 

Putting the plants in your room should be organized and managed. Cluttering them in your living space won’t bring the max out of it.

 Let’s find out how you can decorate your room with plants.

  1. There is often some space besides sofas in the room. It is either empty or a side table is placed there. A large sized plant pot, if properly placed besides a sofa can change the vibe of the room. 
  2. You might not have used shelves for plant pots but trying it is worth a shot. Now if you’ve a shelf in your room, don’t stuff it with plants. Use it for books and plants, decoration piece. Balanced things are always beautiful.

  1. Use a bench for placing plant pots in your room. Fill the space with all kinds of plant pots. Different colors, sizes, and plants would make it look beautiful. It does not has to be a bench necessarily, you can use a chair, or anything else that would accommodate your plants.

  1. Adding a personal touch to your pots would be an amazing experience. You can color the pots, draw on them, or do small touch ups to create an amazing piece of art.

  1. If there’s an empty corner in your room. It’s time to fill that up with green energy. Decorate that corner, put some plants, add some lights, and you will see a clear difference. A positive one.

  1. Hanging plants is an amazing idea but it needs craftiness and creativity. Don’t use a simple rope to hang the plants. You can find different kind of fabric ropes in stores which don’t look dull and boring. Be careful not to hang them in the middle of your room. By the windows, and walls is the best place to hang plant pots.

  1. Floating greenery is hugely underrated. There’s a number of things that you can do with floating greenery to make it look more amazing. Just find the plants that don’t need soil and put them in transparent pots. You may use lights on these pots if you want.

  1. Artificial plants are also very similar to real plants. The only difference is fresh air that you get from real plants. You can find some very beautiful artificial plants which will be unique and add up to the vibe of your place.