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Today’s video is going to be about how roof paints are beneficial for us and the science behind that. 

White roof coatings are the reflective coatings that are either painted or rolled on the roofs to prevent the damage caused by the UV rays of the sun. A roof paint acts as a barrier to the UV rays and increases the life of your roof by preventing wear and tear. 

White roof coatings also prevent moisture penetrations which leads to breaking down the roof. 

These coatings save a significant amount of energy bills as they act as insulators for heat loss caused due to radiation. This means your house will be cooler in summer/ the sun’s heat will be reflected away. 

When it comes to the compatibility of these paints with the kind of roofs, you can use these paints with flat and metal roofs. However, these coatings cannot be used with PVC roofs, Shingles, or Gravel roofs. These coatings cannot be used on plywood,

Let’s talk about things to consider while applying the roof coating. So first of all, the roof should be clean. No dust or anything else should be there. No rain forecast for the next couple of days and a temperature of at least 50 degrees. 

If you find any potential leaking surface, fill it up with sealant so that the paint does not seep into the roof.  

The roof coating needs an asphalt coating under it so your roof will become damp proof. You must be wondering what’s wrong with a little dampness? Well, the damp roof might not bother you inside the house but it will eat your roof inside over time. You might need a replacement way before its due. 

Let’s talk about the aesthetics of a painted roof. We all know that looks do matter and they matter a lot. A huge house, if badly managed would not look good and it won’t be valued much in real estate. On the contrary, a small house can look amazing if you give attention to details. A maintained roof adds up to the beauty and value of your house. 

Well, here’s the most important thing about roof coatings. They are going to give you the best result if they’re done properly. There is a procedure that needs to be followed precisely. Moreover, the brand of paint that you use also contributes to the performance of the paint. The best way is to get professional help and let them do their work. When it comes to the choice of paint, do market research, ask for recommendations, and most importantly, go for what your painter says. 

So lesser electricity bills, lesser roof damage, increased roof life time, and a good look. Sounds great! What do you think?

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