Breathe life into your living room on a budget |

Humans do get bored if things stay the same over a while. Today we'll talk about how you can breathe life into your home and make it a more lively and exciting place on a budget. 

All you've got to invest in a small budget and a weekend or two to turn your house into an exciting place with great ambiance.

The Entrance

The entrance has a significant impact on anybody who enters your house. Make the hall more lively by placing some flower pots in the corner. Doors are mostly leading directly to living rooms. If you can find a rack for sale in the used furniture market, place it in the living room to create a division. 

Placing a book rack on one of the living room's walls will also add to its look. 

The Fireplace

The fireplace is one of those elements that, if correctly set, it multiplies the beauty of your house. If your fireplace is out of order, go to the nearest hardware store and buy the necessary material to make it work again. It is not going to be super expensive, and you can build it yourself. No professional help is needed. 

The Ceiling

The ceiling might not seem significant to you, but it is of prime importance in setting the room's environment. Dark ceilings make a cozy environment. Use plenty of lights with dark ceilings and see how it adds to the beauty of your place. Use fancy lamps in the rooms with dark ceilings. This will make sure that the room does not gets all dark and grave. 

Media Center

If your family is into music and movies, you can make some space for your Media center in the living room and place it in an organized way. Make sure that you make space for DVD storage. Keep the cables and sockets at the back of this setup to make it look clean and organized. Organized things add up to the ambiance of a place. 

Start from the scratch

Move out all the things from your living room and start decorating your room from scratch. Once you get a clear view of your room without any furniture and other stuff, your brain will develop more ideas. Rearrange your room, and it will look different and new. Keep trying new arrangements every few months. 

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