Don’t do it this way! Paints don’t work that way. Hey you’re doing it wrong. You must’ve heard all of these phrases being yelled at you while you were trying to paint your house.

In this video you’re going to find out how much of those were right. Any guesses about how much of them were wrong? Keep watching so you find out how, what, and why?

The first most common thing we hear about painting is that multiple coats enhance the paint’s life and you don’t need a primer if you go for two to three coats. Well if I said that your house does not need a base, just widen the walls and it will be stronger than ever. What a joke right? 

Yeah so that two to three coat thing was also a joke. Primer acts as a base for the paint. It enhances the paint’s strength, sheen, and makes it look uniform. It prevents chipping off of the paint as well. Never ever think that you can skip the primer while painting your walls. Bank to buck ratio of this act is very low and you don’t want to paint your walls again and again. 

Professional painter is the only one who can do the job right. Well, that’s not an unchangeable fact. Painting isn’t rocket science that will take you years to learn and master. It’s a sequence of steps that you need to follow and you’ll do it just like a professional. 

Painting tape is a must for most of the people thinking to paint their house. However, its not a pre-requisite for painting. If you’re good and accurate at painting save those bucks and buy yourself a cookie. 

The perfect color doesn’t exist. It’s all in your head. Humans tend to like those things more that they don’t have. So no matter how good your color is, you will find your wall losing in a comparison with some other wall you saw on the social media. 

The best way to get the best color is try different compositions. Mix little amounts of paints beforehand to find out what gets out the best. Paint on a small patch of wall and see how it looks like after drying. All of these things will help you find out what’s closest to your choice.

“Nothing less than two coats is acceptable” I have been hearing this statement for ages now and I believed in it for long. However, this myth would be busted if you buy a good quality primer, follow the steps, let it dry, and then apply a single coat on the wall. You will be surprised with the results. 

Every paint isn’t made to be used on every surface. You simply cant use it on every surface. Yeah some grand parents give this recommendation so confidently that one fails to find a flaw in it. However, that’s not true. Paints are made according to surfaces. Choose the right paint for right surface and get the best results.