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Thinking of doing something fun with Chalkboard Paints? Keep watching and you’ll find out a plenty of exciting things that you can do with Chalkboard paints. 

A chalkboard paint is something that can turn any wall into instant writing surface and I’m going to share some amazing ideas on where and how to use chalkboard paint in your house. 

  • The Kids Room

Children love liberty, and at times, this trait turns out in a lot of mess. Yeah I’m talking about messy walls and floor. Children would love it if they have a wall where they can write, draw, and what not. So by this simple decision you get multiple benefits. 

Your children would not only be happy after this, but they’ll be more creative and expressive. All of this without the cost of getting your walls painted again. Worth a shot right?

  • The Kitchen

You might not spend a lot of time in Kitchen but isn’t it worth your attention? It’s a part of your house right? Well, Chalkboard paints and kitchen get along very well. Guess why? Because Kitchen is the place where you need to write most of the things. Recipes, Things to do, Groceries, Checklist, and much more. I know there’s sticky notes and all but do they really look cool? Plus looks do matter right? (smile)

  • The Living Room

We all like to make our living space artistic and somewhat symbolic. But do you get tired of seeing the same paintings over and over again? Changing those would cost you a lot! Well, Chalkboard paint is something that would make you feel free to write/draw anything you want on your living room walls. It could be a quotation, a handprint of your family or anything that turns your crank. You’ll love the liberty!

  • Multiple Surface compatibility

Chalkboard paint works on many surfaces and it is one of the best things about it. Thinking of painting your garden wall? No worries. All it needs is a flat surface. That’s such a pro quality in paints because for every surface they have a different type of paint. 

  • Magnetic Chalkboard Paint

Yes, what you might have inferred from the name is right! Magnetic Chalkboard Paint is an amazing option that most of the people don’t know! Such an under-rated alternative to many interior designs. All you gotta do is buy the necessary items and follow the procedure of applying a magnetic paint. I’ll leave the rest to your creativity! 

If you want to know more about magnetic paints and how to apply magnetic chalkboard paint, I am attaching the link in description below. 

Also watch our video on how can chalkboard paint be used for interior designs on different things in your house. (Attach link to the next video, Will write script on it next)

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