Walls do not need to be cliché and all painted or covered with stickers or patterns. 

Painting arches on the windows and doors creates an amazing effect on the entire room. It creates dramatic entries when painted on doors and entrances. The arch effect also makes ceilings look higher and the room looks bigger. 

So what color should the arch be? 

It’s a very contingent question and it totally depends upon the other walls in the room. You’ve got to finalize a color palette for you. Arches don’t need to fit in. They can be of dark color on a light colored wall and vice versa. Arches can also be designed instead of simply being painted over the wall. You can use circles or blocks or any other geometrical shape to make arches on your walls and doors.

Using arches as focal points in the room is a great idea. Once the arch is ready, hang some plants or frames on the arch. Don’t overdo it, let the arch be visible.

You can also create double arches on your walls which need not be of the same color. It’s all up to you. Cover the arches with suitable decoration pieces. It can be photo frames, plants, or anything that adds up to the look of your wall.

To start with an arch on your wall, finalize a position. Use a pencil and straight edge, mark the sides of the arch. Create a template for sides of the arch using a painter’s tape. Tap a nail in the center of the section between two sides of the painter’s tape. Tie the piece of string around the nail. Then make a semi-circle by using the string as a compass. Mark the semi-circle with a pencil.

Use an angled brush to make a clean edge on the arch. Use mini rollers to fill color in the arch. Use multiple coats and if you’re overlapping colors, start with the lightest color first and go for the darkest at the end. 

Let it dry and get creative with it after that. You will see an amazing change in your room once you’re all done with this project. 

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