Easy Accent Wall DIY Paint Ideas | PaintOutlet.co.uk

An accent wall is that one unique wall in your room that is different from the others. 

The trend of accent walls is quite underrated but it brings out such a lavish look out of your room if done properly with the right color palettes. 

Accent wall is something that’s totally up to you. The location, the color variation and any other thing that you want to add to the wall. 

There is no one type of room where you use accent walls. It can be any room as long as you know what you’re doing. 

Don’t be afraid of doing something bold and brave. Want to choose bright color? Go for it! As long as your interior and other things in your room compliment that color. There’s no need to be afraid of going for a bright color. 

Thinking outside the box in accent walls is a must. Your walls are more than just the simple paint that you’ve always got away with. Research other alternatives this time, wall murals, vinyl, stickers, patterns, and what not. Metallic paint is an amazing choice for your accent wall. 

Accent walls are not just paint and different kinds of paints. A set of photo frames, a shelf not used for storage, or even a fabric draped wall will make your wall unique. 

You must be under the misconception that accent walls are not for neutral rooms. Its not right. You can go for accent walls even if you want a neutral vibe in your room. Just go for neutral paints and make one of your wall different from the others. It does not has to be over the top and flashy.

Ceilings plays an important role in accent walls. Even your ceiling can be turned into accent ceiling. Adding color to your ceiling can make it different. You can choose wither a vibrant color for your ceiling or a simple one, just make it different from the walls.

Wallpapers are an amazing choice for accent walls. They will give a unique look and you won’t have to stick with them for long. It’s an easy way to get designer walls and the perk is, you can change your room’s look whenever you want.