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The entryway is the first impression on anyone who comes over to your home. It shouldn’t be dull, cliché and boring. Let’s have a look at some ideas which can help you turn your entryway into a livelier one. 

The door needs to be in contrast with the floor and ceiling. Picking random colors is cool, but contrasting colors give off a very organized and peaceful look. Dark blue and gray are one of the combinations that complement each other and go with almost every interior setting. 

Try different colors and finalize a color palette by comparing the ceiling and roof colors. The wall color of your entryway does matter, but most of the walls would be covered with paintings and other stuff. 

Lights should be used intelligently in the entryway. Their orientation, their brightness, and their design should be custom picked. Don’t just rush into buying the lights. 

The old school approach for your entryway never goes out of trend. Hang some family photos on the entrance so anybody who walks in knows the entire family. You can also use some artificial plant pots on a shelf. They add up to the beauty of entryway. 

Rugs and carpets are always a fantastic alternative to leaving the roof exposed. If you think you’ve found a great deal on a mat or rug, put it in your entryway. Orient the carpet properly and make sure that it sits properly in the middle of the hall. 

If you have a shelf in your hallway, make the maximum use of it by putting some decoration pieces on it. Thrift stores never disappoint. Visit, and you’ll find some fantastic decoration pieces for your entire house. 

Placing a bench in your entryway would give a classic look. Paint the bench according to the wall and ceiling color. Be careful as not to block the way by placing a bench. Buy just the right size. 

Using a mirror on one side of your entryway would add up to the beauty of the whole place. Don’t go for a simple plain mirror. Block art mirrors look fabulous on walls and give away the effect of a window. 

Stencil painting has also been trending these days. You can use it on entryway as well as any other wall in your house. The only difference would be the style and color. The stencil you use in your entry cannot be used in the dining room. Right?

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