Fireplace Painting Tips |

Fireplace is an architectural focal point of your home. Not only does it warms up your indoors but also adds up to the beauty. Having a fireplace is a classic and thrilling experience. Here’s how can you make it look more amazing and awesome.

The brick fireplace might not be as appealing as the concept of a fireplace. Painting fireplace is a unique concept and it has to be painted according to the color of the walls. 

Here are some tips on how you can paint your fireplace like a pro.

Start with cleaning and washing off the fireplace. Use soap and a wire brush to scrub it. Using vinegar will also help you remove the dirt from the fireplace. The black part is porous so it will take some time to dry. Give it a good 2-3 days so it dries properly. 

While choosing the color, don’t hesitate to go for a dark color. Dark color after a primer coat would look totally fine if it compliments your interior. Choosing a bold color is a brave choice but if you make it a rationale and brave decision, things won’t go south.

Primer is immensely important to paint so the paint better adheres to the stone. Porous bricks will keep absorbing the paint so the applying the primer would make it easier to achieve a uniform and good coat of paint. 

Using a roller is a good idea on fireplaces because a brush might leave brush strokes. Use a painter’s tape to mark the boundaries. You might get some paint on the walls accidently. It’s not a big deal. A wet wipe would come in handy to wipe off that paint.

The natural stone choice of your fireplace is a difficult thing. You have to consider the color of your fireplace and the interior. Just do the required research and be confident about what you like. 

The crux of the matter is, it’s your home and it should be representation of what you think. Customize it, follow your heart, and make rational decisions.

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