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We have been customizing almost everything, including cars, bikes, gaming computers, and whatnot. However, when it comes to our homes, we try to follow the regular pattern that is so cliché and a set standard. The max that we do for our interiors is use paintings on the wall, compliment the room with furniture and a couple of decoration pieces. It’s a good effort to decorate your room, but it often looks flat and empty, especially to those who want a unique touch to their home. 

We pay more attention to furniture and other things in the room as compared to the walls. Walls cover the largest space in a room and yet this treatment? 

Let’s talk about seven ways in which you can make your walls unique, creative, and characterful. 

Washi Tape decoration

Washi tape in various designs can be easily found in the supermarket. Buy yourself some and get creative. The best thing about using washi tape on your walls is that it comes off without leaving any mark of stain. So it’s not something you’ve got to stick with for years. 

Wall Painting Templates


Wall painting templates are a smart way to get creative with your walls. The pre-made stencils can be used in any way you want and it’s totally up to you whether you mess your walls up or make a beautiful design out of it. 

You can find a lot of variety in templates like animals, geometric styles, leaves, flowers, and whatnot. 



Typography gives a personal touch to your walls. Whether it’s a 2d wall typography or a 3d, it adds up to your room’s look. Create your texts or get your favourite quote written on your wall. 


Chalkboard Wall Designs

Chalkboard paints are an amazing option to go for when you’re looking for a customized approach for your walls. You can write whatever you want and erase them later on. You can also make your drawings and anything else that comes up to your mind. It’s the best way to express yourself freely.

Mural walls decoration


Another way of customizing your walls is by using wall murals. They are found in various designs and shapes. They are huge so they’ll cover your entire walls. Nature scenery or animal pictures on mural walls are mostly picked, and they do look beautiful on your walls. 


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