Get the perfect finish with vinyl matt paint following these 3 steps! |

When you're decorating your home or business, there are many different types of paint to choose from. As such, it can often be difficult to find the best paints and treatments to suit your needs.

Vinyl matt paints are a practical choice for use in all kinds of properties, including homes and businesses; thanks to their unique and intelligent design, they are also hard-wearing and can be used for many years before requiring any kind of maintenance, that's what we call "Paintelligence" -joke- 

The new formulation of vinyl matt paint benefits allows decorators more time to over roller back into a wet edge; also, this will help ensure a better finish, particularly in areas with critical light conditions, by providing a more even appearance to the finish.

These benefits combine to arm decorators with a product that they can trust to deliver an exceptional finish every time.

One of the best things of painting is that you can make it on your own. That's why now you'll learn how to get the perfect finish with vinyl matt paint following these 3 steps!


When it comes time to apply your chosen vinyl emulsion paint, you need to first make sure that the surface has been prepared. Whenever you're applying any kind of paint or treatment, you need to make sure that the surface has been thoroughly cleaned, the surface has been cleaned and rinsed with clean water and some bleach for mould removing. This is true for any kind of surface, whether you're looking to clean walls, ceilings, or floors.


If the plasterwork is new, you need to make sure that blisters, cracks, and blemishes are all removed. You should also ensure that the plaster has been treated with a suitable primer. This will provide a clean and even surface to apply your paint.

Extra Fact: You should always take care to cover or remove any furniture from the room you're decorating. It is always a good idea to keep a bucket of water and a sponge nearby to clean any splashes of paint that dropdown.


For that very fine finish of the paint in your wall, it's all about mixing your paint right and knowing your territory!
For instance, when rolling, do not over deepen the roller in the paint; work it in a way you just get the paint on the actual piles as opposed to the frame.
Now with that deepened roller on the wall, see how much area it covers -believe us, it changes depending on the surfaces- and repeat it all the way through.
Repeat the process for about three times and do it by areas, segment your wall, and do it piece by piece; it will look much better.
The final result is a wall that has the same finish as a sprayed wall, giving you the perfect finish!

Awesome right?

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