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Nature has a healing aura and if you’ve ever been to a camping in the woods, you would surely recall the amazing feeling and vibe of that place. 

With the liberty of creating any type of interior they can, people are also opting for creating a totally organic interior based on plants, plants, and more plants. 

Let’s find out how you can decorate your living room with plants to get the natural vibe.

For plants to settle in your room, your wall color choice gets very limited. You have to choose a color that complements the plants. Otherwise the pots are just going to look out of place. Sky blue is one of those colors that will look amazing on your walls with plants in the room. 

Wall Murals that fall into the category of plants and nature can also add up to the room’s beauty. If you’re confident enough, get up and make your own hand made art on the wall. Go for clouds, leaves, trees, and any other thing that falls inside the domain of your interior design. You can also use stencils for making custom art shapes on the walls.

You need to put the plants in the room with utmost care and in an organized way. They should neither be too cluttered nor too much distant. It depends upon the space available in your room. 

Hanging the plants pots on the wall looks quite amazing and would multiple the ambience of your room. You can also use lights to lighten up the plants. 

The plant pots are also something that you can customize. You can buy colored pots/ glass pots, whatever suits your mood. You can also go for fancy pots that go along with your interior. 

There are various ways in which you can decorate and present the plants. There’s a separate video on that on our channel. Find the link to that in description.

Once you’ve put the plants in your room, you’ll feel a lot lighter and closer to nature. It’s all a sequence of steps a little research. 

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