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Never did anybody think of working from home for so long. This quarantine turned most of the houses into offices and in this video you’ll find out many ways to makeover your home based office into a place that you don’t want to leave.

If you’ve dedicated a room for your home based office, the first thing that needs to be addressed is wall paint. There are various videos on our channel that will tell you what color is suitable for what environment. Offices need to be peaceful and serene so one can work with a free mind. Another opinion says that offices should have a warm environment so one stays energetic. Pick the color palette that represents the energy that suits your mood and personality. 

Type of paint finish and color is a deciding factor too. Follow the link in description to see the videos on paint finish and paint psychology. 

Well, once you’re done with painting, you’ve got the interiors and furniture left. Since its going to be your home based office, you need plenty of storage room for documents, files, and more documents. So storage space should also be your priority when looking for furniture for your home based office. 

Classic wooden color furniture gets along good with almost every color. However, it’s still preferred to plan out all of it for your office to bring the maximum out of it. 

Having dimensions of your room comes in handy in different places. For instance if you have dimensions of your room with you, you’ll know exactly what amount of paint you need. You can also use these while shopping for furniture and other stuff. 

There is no general guideline for designing your office. You make whatever you want to make out of it. It can be a relaxing and a peaceful place with artificial plants and nature photography hung on the walls, or it can be a vibrant place with quotations on the wall motivational photo frames set on the wall in a geometrical pattern. Get as creative as you can with your room. You’re free!

Since this room is going to be your office, put a relaxing chair in one corner where you can have some moments of relief. Face it towards the window if you have one in your room. 

The rug or carpet that you use in your office should match the vibe of your office. It can’t be left over carpet from your living room that’s meant to be in the living room.

Repurposing old furniture is also a good idea if you come out with some amazing new touch to the old furniture that’s resting in your store room. 

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