While most pollutants exist in the open, you may be surprised to discover that your own home can be a hotbed of illness and disease. A clean home and healthy environment are vital to lead a fulfilling life. Fight the flu bugs with these five important tips and turn your abode into a beautiful place to relax and spend quality time in!

  • Too Humid To Handle
  • It’s important to keep your humidity levels in check. Any place of residence that has humidity levels exceeding 45% is prone to an environment that can encourage the growth of moulds. Moulds can spread behind the walls and other inaccessible areas, which may lead to paint failure and other fatal health problems like sinusitis. Increased levels of humidity can even result in sleep disorders and sickness, like dysentery arising out of gastrointestinal issues. Dehumidifiers are useful for maintaining a regular humidity level in your home.

    Removing mould

    There are several commercial products available to help remove mould.

    To clean or remove mould:

    • Wipe hard surfaces with a suitable commercial product, soap and water, or a heavily diluted bleach solution. Always dry the surfaces after use to prevent mould from reappearing. You can enhance the surface and repaint using anti damp paints and anti-mould pain. These types of paint have specific anti-fungal properties that inhibit and stop the growth and proliferation of mould and mildew on wall and paint
    • Wash or wipe porous surfaces and regularly check to see if mould has returned, as it can infiltrate these materials. If mould continues to reappear, consider disposing of these items.
    • Ask at the local hardware store about antifungal paints and other products that can help prevent mould from developing.

  • Brush It Off
  • Dust is a nuisance everywhere, and especially within the environs of a house. Some mites are always present in dust, which can hurt the eyes and disrupt the flow of the nasal passage. This serves as a problem for children with a weaker immune system. Dust can also carry dangerous particles containing pesticides as well as herbicides, which can contaminate food and water. Prevention is better than cure – wash your curtains, bedding, and sofas once a month. Vacuum cleaning gets rid of dust all around the house. Consider going barefoot at home as it minimises any dust or germs that might be left behind by your footwear.

  • Stay Dry
  •  Water damage in the house is a common experience for nearly every homeowner. It can happen due to climate conditions, leaky passages in the house or flooding of the basement due to seepage. Water damage can wreak environmental havoc and result in a range of illnesses, especially if it is not addressed to immediately.

    Signs of cracked walls and peeling paint are glaring indications of a house damaged by water. If this dirty water manages to percolate the water supply system, diseases like cholera can spread rapidly, especially amongst the children in the house.

  • Get rid of pests
  • Poor insulation and leaks due to improper plumbing are also one of the main reasons for pests entering the home. While the resulting formation of mould causes respiratory illnesses, pests like rodents and cockroaches can trigger sickness such as asthma. This occurs more in children who are allergic to these pests.

    Excrement present in the decomposed bodies of the dead pests can easily become airborne and get caught in the bronchial tract of a human being. Hence, it is advisable to remove the source of the food that attracts pests, rather than paying emphasis on using poison or traps to kill the pests

    The acute crisis arising out of shortage of houses is creating a situation that does not augur well for good health in the future. Homes, as the old saying goes, are meant to be where the heart is. However, the high cost of houses has made the availability of an ideal home a very distant dream for most people. By following the above time-tested routine, not only will you be able to tackle these issues but save on the pocket as well, to ensure physical and mental wellbeing under your cherished roof.