How Roof Paint Can Protect your House from UV Rays |

Roof Paint has many advantages. Not only can roof painting alter the appearance of your home or company, but it will also have extra advantages. The roof is a very necessary aspect of the house, but it is oftentimes neglected. Whenever someone thinks about getting their house or company's exterior decorated, they almost invariably forget about the roof. Although it would improve the attractiveness of your house, roof painting is not just done for decorative purposes. There are other advantages that can be obtained by painting the roof as well. Roof paint is a protective material that can serve to minimize the adverse impact of heat and UV radiation, providing greater roof durability.

You may have noticed that roof coatings can be good for your roof and your house. By applying different types of coatings, you will get the advantages of the substance in the coating. Although there are many coating types, acrylic, silicone, vinyl, and thermoplastic are four of the more popular. Everyone has advantages and disadvantages, and some are better suited to one roof style than another. In addition, some coatings are stronger than others at a function (such as reflecting the sun's rays or shielding against leaks).

The PRO ROOF Paint by Thermilate Technologies provides the best coverage and reduces heat gain in summer because it reflects the Sun’s harmful rays. PRO ROOF is the new superior waterproofing and insulating roof covering. This revolutionary thermal coating was deliberately designed to be the world's most highly available INSULATING, PROTECTIVE and DURABLE ROOF Paint.

Properties of PRO ROOF PAINT

  • 100 percent water-based acrylic and repellent water.
  • Rejuvenation of the roof tiles.
  • Helps reduce increase in summer.
  • Enhances land quality. “Curb Appeal”.
  • Maintenance free roof for future.
  • An affordable, effective solution instead of re-roofing.
  • Breathable, avoiding the build-up of condensation, anti-mould, anti-fungal and anti-lichen protection.

Benefits of Roof Paint

It Keeps Your Building Temperature in Check- The reflective property of the coating makes the building cooler, which may make a big change in the temperature inside it, either making your building warmer or lowering the cost of making it cool.

Reduces consumption of electricity-In the same path, but less electricity would be used to run the air conditioning. Not only can this save a business money, which is significant, but it can also help an organisation with a lower carbon footprint because of less electricity consumption.

Energy Star Rating rises-A building's Energy Star rating isn't set. It will change, as the framework changes. Adding a roof coating is one of the easiest ways to make a building more energy efficient and maybe raise the Energy Star rating. It could be appropriate to improve the rating for resale value.

Improves Credibility of Green-It can be a very positive idea to be able to convince investors, suppliers , and employees that you are doing everything possible to keep the building "green" based on the priorities of the individual business. Green roofing, through a roof covering, comparatively speaking, is an economical and direct way to achieve good green reputation.   

Protects from leakage from the roof-Having a covering to the roof would add an additional layer to the roof which will shield it from leaks. Not only does the coating apply to the roof itself, but it can also help protect the roof from mould and mildew damage.

Extends the Roof 's Life-Roof Paint can give extra life to a roof. Additional life can ensure that you will wait years longer before repairing the roof and theoretically avoid roofing material from ending up in the landfill. As you can see, no matter what form you pick, there are many advantages to a roof coating. Finding the one that fits well for your unique roof design and form is the most important thing.

In addition to increasing the life of the roof, these reflective coatings can also lower the home's heat absorption. It has been stated that painting a roof will dramatically reduce a home or company's energy usage. Roofers claimed that a roof coating would capture up to 90 percent of sun rays and lower the surface temperature of the roof. In you are residing in a hot area, this can have quite an impact on your electric bill, particularly during the summer months when temperatures are in the 90's. Most roof paints are mildew resistant and fading. Mildew is not only visually undesirable but can also inflict significant damage to a roof if left untreated.

Any substance that can help avoid mildew growth is certainly helpful for the durability of a roof. Based on the sheen that is used for the coating, it can also help repel debris and keep it from sticking to the roof (we all know how untidy a dirty roof can be.). This will improve the periods for pressure washing your roof.

Roof coatings, including composite roofs, galvanized metal, metal roofs, asphalt roofs, wood, and others, are developed to stick to a wide variety of roofing surface forms. However, before adding roof coatings on structures such as shingle, review the manufacturer's warranties to see if these spray / brush-on supplies void the warranties.