There might be a happy event coming, and you have the desire to paint and arrange your baby's room? Before you take action, read our tips and tricks to avoid unpleasant paint smells and achieve the perfect result for your child. 

Painting the baby's room with the prospect of covering it with love is very nice. As a parent, of course, you want all unpleasant smells and possible dangers that your paint job could cause to be gone completely before you put your child to sleep there.

Oil Paint Vs Water Phase Paint

No doubt: opt for water-based paint! Previously, oil-based or solvent-based paints were preferred because they harden faster and cover better. However, solvents and white spirit do escape from the drying paint and leave behind a strong odour.

In recent years, aqueous phase paints have evolved enormously. They are now significantly more durable, harden faster, cover better and leave much less bad paint odours. No wonder then that this type of paint is by far the most popular for a nursery. 90% of our customers choose a water-based paint.

To paint a baby's room, we recommend using paint from our TOP assortment. Depending on your preference for a glossy or matte finish - you are guaranteed to bet on quality paint and safety.

What Paint Do You Use?

If you are using oil paint, you will need 24 hours. But it can still take a number of days for the paint to dry completely.

Water-based paint hardens much faster. Result: the room is ready more quickly, say in a few hours.

How Do You Ventilate The Room After Painting?

The faster, the better that is the general rule. Open all doors and windows immediately after painting (insist on 'AFTER' and not 'during'. Otherwise the paint dries too quickly). If you forget to open everything immediately to air out, the odour will remain in the paint more, and it may take weeks before it is totally gone.

Also, keep the temperature in the room high enough (especially in cold or humid weather) and provide additional lighting. 

However, you only swear by oil painting? In this case, make sure - more than with water-based paint - that you have sufficient lighting, adequate ventilation, as well as a high enough temperature. Don't just close the door behind you, but leave it all wide open!

Painting The Baby's Furniture

For your baby's beds or playpens, you can use solvent-based lacquer or water-based lacquer. Nevertheless, we cannot repeat it enough… make sure to ventilate well and let the paint harden enough so that all the substances which can be released from it, actually go away. In principle, it is not necessary to varnish because our paints are sufficiently hard.

People sometimes think that paint smells go away faster by using a deodorant. It is only an illusion. We do smell another odour, but as long as the solvent odour cannot evaporate outside, we only mask it. It is, therefore, a false right short-term solution, which could be compared to sweeping the dust and then hiding it under the carpet.

For the arrangement, keep in mind that small babies will grow quickly. If you want to use the same chamber later, choose a paint that can accompany this growth, and that is very shiny. The higher the gloss, the easier it is to clean the wall conveniently to erase the traces of dirty little fingers of toddlers.