Choosing a colour for ceiling matters more than it looks. It is naturally a matter of taste, but you should also know that colours influence the perception of space. In addition, they allow you to minimize the aspects that bother you and emphasize the positive details. So ask yourself how you perceive the space and what effect you want to create. 

The colour of the floor (a warm floor, austere grey tiles, a red carpet, etc.) always has an influence on the ceiling, under the effect of reflection. So paint all your ceilings in the same base colour. The reflection of the floor and the differences in light will cause the ceiling to reflect the colour of the floor and therefore, will be different in every room.

Choose A Colour For Your Ceiling 

Higher / lower!

If your accommodation is located in an old industrial building or a majestic mansion, the height of the ceilings may create an impression of coldness. You can remedy this by painting the ceiling in a dark colour. The room will suddenly appear lower. Dark colours absorb light and make rooms appear smaller. As for the mouldings, it is better to paint them in the same colour as the ceiling. If you don't have the luxury problem of high ceilings, you can create a sense of space by doing the reverse of what we just said. Light colours reflect light and make rooms appear taller. By painting the ceiling a lighter colour than the walls, your room will appear taller.

Wooden ceiling

By leaving the authentic beams in the most natural colour possible, you will give your interior a rustic and warm character. Another option is to cover them with a coat of off-white covering or semi-covering paint. You will thus obtain a more airy result! Is your ceiling panelled? Be aware that a narrow room will appear wider if the slats are placed parallel to the shorter wall. On the other hand, you will make the room longer by placing the panels parallel to the longer wall. As for sloped walls, we recommend that you paint them in the lightest possible colour if you want to avoid a feeling of confinement and make the most of the space.

"Box" effect

By painting the walls and the ceiling the same colour, you will create what is known as the "box" effect. You will feel like you are in a one-colour box. A good idea for cramped rooms that you don't stay in for long (e.g. the toilet), but we don't recommend it for other rooms. The lack of depth will indeed seem unnatural.

Out of the box!

To make a ceiling stand out, you can wallpaper it, paint it in a bright colour, or work with a pattern or text. Really cool above a bed or in the bathroom, over the tub! You can also separate different areas by working with different colours and / or materials on the ceiling. A beautifully crafted ceiling with mouldings really needs to be highlighted. Fortunately, it is often these sufficiently high rooms that allow you to play with the ceiling.


A ceiling looks greyer than the walls anyway because the light does not shine directly on it. For this reason, examine the colour swatches while holding them down, because that is basically how you will see your ceiling.