Have you painted your ceiling and streaks or lines appear with each new coat? This can be due to several things. Note also that painting a ceiling is often a tedious job, whether it is because the size of the ceiling is important, because it is too hot or because you are new to painting! 

Here is a summary of the possible causes and advice to follow to avoid traces on the ceiling.

We recommend best primer and coats 


Too thin a coat of paint

For optimum and lasting coverage of the surface to be painted, it is essential to apply sufficient paint. To do this, divide the area painted by the number of gallons of paint used. Compare the result with the recommended use of colour (indicated on the label). To give you an idea, you can paint up to 9 m² per litre with PRO Roof Coating. If you painted more square meters per litre, then you did not use enough paint: adapt the way you paint, spreading less paint.

Too much pressure on the paint roller

By pressing too hard on the paint roller, you paint more square meters per litre and use too little paint. If you squeeze the roller to the last drop, lines appear on the painted surface. A coat of colour that is too thin dries faster, making it impossible to paint fresh on fresh. Also, after drying, the hiding power of the paint is insufficient.

Forgetting to primer

Some people forget to apply a coat of primer. This basecoat, such as PRO Roof Primer, seals the surface (or 'insulates' it, in the lingo), in order to stop any absorption. This way, you prevent the top coat from being sucked up. By omitting to use a primer, you increase the risk of streaking, due to a lack of paint on certain parts of the surface.

Are you looking for a matte finish for your ceiling? In this case, you need not only to find a matte finish paint but also to apply a matte primer coat. This guarantees a perfectly matt end result. PRO Roof Primer is, therefore, an excellent choice, as this basecoat is more matte than Boss-on Silk.

Temperature too high during the painting

The higher the temperature, the faster the paint dries and the more likely you are to see streaks on the painted surface. Preferably work at a temperature between 10 and 20 ° C.

Too much ventilation during painting

During painting, close all doors and windows. The water that evaporates from the paint thus remains in the air, which slows down drying and prolongs the 'open time' of the Paint. Aeration is carried out once the painting work is completed.

Your painting technique

Better to paint the ceiling all at once, without interruption. So be sure to choose a quality paint roller. The choice of material greatly influences the final result.

  • ╺Always paint away from the light (so start nears the window) and along the length of the ceiling.
  • ╺While painting, face the light. This gives you a better overview of the result, without shadows.
  • ╺Start by painting the edges, with a round brush.
  • ╺Divide the ceiling into imaginary square meters.
  • ╺Distribute the paint well on the roller (using the grid) and paint in strips over the first square meter.
  •  ╺Pass the roll in one direction and the other of this square meter. This distributes the paint evenly, while respecting the ╺quantities recommended  on the paint can.
  • ╺Distribute the paint lengthwise and crosswise (crosswise). Finish with a rolling motion along the length of the ceiling.
  • ╺Paint the next square meter in the same way, overlapping the previous part by about a length of a roll.
  • ╺Repeat these steps until the entire width of the ceiling is painted.
  • ╺Start the next strip, always overlapping the previous surface with a length of the roll.
  • ╺Maintain the tempo and do not pause until you have painted the entire surface.
  • ╺Always respect the time between the different coats of paint.
  • ╺When the painting is finished, remove the tape immediately. Then ventilate sufficiently to dry the surface well.

Use a paint retarder

To extend the open time of the topcoat, you can use a paint retarder. It allows for obtaining a good result in difficult conditions.

These tips are paramount and will help you indeed.