Immediately paint the porch after any construction or repair work. It’s not just about the porch being the entrance to the house, and the overall impression of the façade depends on what it looks like. Besides, it is necessary to protect the porch material, since most of the time the steps to the house are made of wood, and the wood can dry out or increase the humidity and lose its attractive appearance.

The main reasons for staining wood

Wooden patios need additional protection. Using waterproofing, stains, or varnishes will provide:

  1. Prevent moisture from penetrating the wood structure. The water-repellent layer formed by dyes helps to avoid problems such as the appearance of rot or fungus, which violate the strength of the material and often cause its premature destruction.
  2. Mechanical protection. Painted surfaces are more resistant to chips and cracks. Cracks not only spoil the appearance but also make the tree more vulnerable to the influence of external conditions.
  3. Repelling wood-boring insects, which can severely impair the strength of the wood structure.

Besides, applying the paint will either help highlight the beauty of the wood or hide the imperfections of the old board.

Type of paints and material

Among the paints and varnishes for wood, experienced painters recommend giving preference to the following types of paints.

Water emulsion

They dry quickly, are odourless and contain no toxic substances. The use of aqueous emulsion compositions offers high protection against atmospheric changes, insects and fungi. They are well suited for painting porch in a private home, but they are not recommended in high traffic locations. For example, you shouldn’t paint the porch of a shop or office with them – the steps quickly lose their attractive appearance.

Oil paints

Oil-based paints are used for wooden porch much more often than others and offer great protection against abrasion and environmental influences. The drawbacks of oil paints are their pungent smell and the fact that they quickly lose their original light colour.

Alkyd paints

In addition to the base and the pigment, alkyd resins are added to increase strength. If there is a need to paint a porch that many people walk on, and the risk of damaging the painted surface is increased, then you should choose alkyd mixtures. The disadvantage of these compositions is the long drying time and the fact that the choice of colours is not very wide. Despite the high strength, alkyd paints are rarely used due to the prolonged drying and the inconvenience associated with it (the porch of the house is used all the time since you need to go inside).

Selection tips

When deciding the best way to paint a wooden porch, keep the following in mind:

  • Does it get damp when there is precipitation or snow?
  • How the sun’s rays affect painted surfaces: whether they fall directly due to shading or not.
  • The influence of the wind: which side does it blow more often.
  • Number of people that will use the porch
  • Seasonal temperature changes.

Taking all these factors into account, it is recommended to choose a paint and varnish agent.

However, it is not necessary to use the colour dyes. If the wood is new and the boards have a nice texture, the use of transparent or tinted varnishes will emphasize the unique beauty of the wood.

How to paint

For the wooden porch to look beautiful on the street for a long time and be reliably protected from destruction, it is not enough to choose a colour composition but to apply it correctly. But how do you paint wooden surfaces? To do this, all you have to do is follow the recommended steps:

  1. Clean up. All waste and traces of old paint are carefully removed. When removing dust and dirt, special attention should be paid to the gaps between the panels, as this is where all the dirt will collect.
  2. Any small scratches, chips, or protruding knots are cleaned with sandpaper.
  3. Alignment. Large cracks or dents are smoothed out with wood putty.
  4. Post-cleaning. Various residues were left after sanding and levelling. Therefore it is recommended to wash the boards and let them dry.
  5. Impregnation. The paint film protects against environmental influences, but it is better to use an additional method of protection such as impregnation. Impregnation can be made only from mushrooms or only from fire, and there are complex products. However, impregnating wood contributes to the long life of the porch. You can apply the waterproofing with a roller or brush, making sure all areas are evenly coloured.
  6. Primer. Another important phase, the neglect of which affects the quality of the thesis. The use of the primer not only ensures complete adhesion to the substrate, but also saves a little: the primer is much cheaper than paint, and after application, the consumption of dye is reduced.

After the floor has dried, you can start painting. If all the recommendations are met, the porch will delight with a beautiful appearance for many years.

Professional tips

Each job has its tricks, and they are there when the porch is painted. Skilled artisans share their experiences:

  • Painting always starts with small decorative details. First, small elements and joints of the boards are painted with a brush, and then the porch is painted with a roller.
  • The dye lies more evenly when it is applied along the wood fibres.
  • Applying varnish to the paint will significantly extend the life of the coating. The varnish is applied immediately after the dye has dried.

When choosing paints and varnishes, you need to pay attention to the name of the manufacturer. You may have to overpay for the brand, but this guarantees that a quality product will be purchased. The desire to save money can lead to additional costs: in a season, the cheap purchased paint will lose its appearance or begin to peel, and you will have to process it again.

The wooden porch is not only the entrance to the house, but also a decorative element, and its appearance creates the first impression of the people living in the house. A beautifully painted porch is every owner’s dream, and you will need minimal effort to make the dream a reality for many years to come.