How to successfully paint an exterior pebble dashed wall and not to die trying it! |

We love decoration, styles, textures, and of course it includes Pebble Dash Walls! 

If you have ever tried to paint over a pebble dashed wall, or are considering to, we have some tips to those DIY enthusiasts and why not? The pros too! 

This advice will make you feel like a fish in water painting your own house!

So… Is there an easy way to paint a house with pebbledash? Yes, it is!

One major issue with trying to paint a pebble dashed house is the fact that this particular kind of wall coating is not really designed to be painted.

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Now, to move forward, you will need the following things:

  • Detergent
  • Dust sheet 
  • Wire brush 
  • Masonry paint and Masonry paint brush/roller
  • Masking tape 
  • Stabilising solution (if required) 
  • Exterior filler (if required)

Now, learn with us how to get it done! 


If the surface is very bad then it may be necessary to wash it down first with a detergent solution and water to remove dirt, grease etc. Remove any flaking patches of paint and remove any mould, algae and moss using a wire brush.


If there are any flaws in the wall, make good minor defects with an appropriate exterior filler. That will make the difference!


Remember, the areas that remain powdery or chalky after thorough preparation should be sealed with a coat of stabilising primer. You can find it in the paint stores. 


Now, you can lay down dust sheets or paper under the area you will be painting, in order to protect doors and windows with masking tape and newspapers(if you can recycle, better!) 

A secret good kept: Use a brush and roller when painting pebbledash masonry. Make sure the brush you use is a proper masonry paint brush, which will hold more paint and allow you to get into all the spaces!


Once we’re ready, let’s use a masonry paint brush cut in with the paint around all the edges,  windows, door frame and plinth. Start at the top and go your way down.

Then use a roller to paint the rest of the wall. Your roller should have a long-pile to get into the little pebbledash areas. Start at the bottom and roll upwards. Touch up any place that the roller can’t get at with the brush.

If you work in sections while painting the wall and only move on to the next section when you are satisfied, it’s so much better to get the perfect finish!


Once the first coat has dried, apply the second coat.

Finally you can remove all the masking tape once you have finished painting the final layer and… WE’RE DONDE! 

Doesn't it feel great? 

Now you know how to perfectly paint your pebble dashed wall and not to die trying it! 

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