Increase Your Appliances Efficiency With Masonry Paint

The paint you select for your property affects in different ways. It defines the look of the building which defines the first impression. If you are considering the selling point of view, the paint adds value to your property. If the paint is long-lasting, you do not have to paint the building for a long time which is economic. If the paint is of good quality and has insulation properties it can save you money by reducing your energy bills. Apart from insulating the surface the paint’s job is to provide a sightly look and protection against harmful weather conditions. 

Insulation is an extraordinary property of the paint, apart from the basic tasks of the paints which are to provide texture and to provide protection from hostile weather. Good insulation paint can save you money in both summer and winter. In energy-saving solutions, it is an important step to insulate the building. In this manner, the outside temperature does not affect the inside artificially maintained temperature. The solution was, to insulate the room its walls should be thick enough to resist the flow of heat. But this solution is costly and requires a lot of care but, the use of insulation paint is the fast and economically best solution. In summer if the heat flow is stopped from the surroundings to the room by painting, the cooling load on the air conditioner will decrease which will result in lesser consumption of electricity. Similarly, in winter the heat is trapped in the room by stopping the flow to the outside cold atmosphere.

The damp problems in the buildings are very common. One solution to this problem is to use vinyl pain that will seal the building and prevent any water to penetrate through the paint layer. This solution is effective but not long-lasting, water finds a way into the surface through a crack or defective paint layer. This water will be trapped in the paint layer because the paint is not breathable, this trapped water will cause damp problems in the wall. Breathability means how easily the vapor can find its way out.  Another solution is to use a breathable paint after using a breathable building material for the wall like plaster or lime render. Clay paint is the most efficient breathable paint, it does not require that the building material is also breathable. It allows moisture to pass through the surface which prevents damp and mould problems.

Energy-efficient paint

  • Breathable

The paint should have good breathability. Breathability means that the water vapours are allowed to pass through the paint layer and evaporate into the atmosphere making the surface dry. The combination of breathable material and breathable paint gives the best results. The breathable materials that can be used are lime render or plaster. This removes the damp problems of your house. 

  • Insulated

This quality of the paint contributes the maximum to make the paint energy efficient. The paint layer should act as an insulator between the interior and exterior. The paint should have a good insulating capacity. It should not let the heat pass at any cost even in higher temperature differences. If the heat added in the room in winters remains in the room that means the heater has to operate for less time that saves energy. If heat continuously flows from the room, there is a constant need that the heater should operate that costs more.

The use of insulator paint is not as efficient as using a thick layer of fiberglass between your walls. But this decision has to be made during or before construction started. If you had these fibres placed between your walls, they will work very efficiently. If you failed to install them at that time you can cover that up with insulation paint. The use of insulation paint costs more so you should choose this very carefully and only choose this option if you had no other.

To increase the insulation abilities of the paint you can add certain additives like thermilates. These are extra materials that are added to the paint to give it strong insulator characteristics. The paint with a thermilate added to it can save 40 percent cooling load and saves 25 percent on heating bills. These additives are made in a way that they get mixed properly with paint and make it a good insulator. Using a thermilate with your paint saves you energy and thus saves money. These additives are usually in powder form and after mixing they make microspheres that act as insulators in the path of heat flow. The shiny surface of the paint also helps in maintaining the temperature in a room. The direct sunlight bounces of the paint layer and the temperature of the wall are not increased. The colour also plays an important role here because the absorptive and reflective properties also depend on the colour of the paint. The insulation paint is widely used to insulate the buildings along with other methods. Often the roof of the buildings in painted with an insulation paint with reflective colour to decrease the penetration of the heat into the room. 

Many manufacturers are making and selling insulation paint that does not affect the heat flow. The paint does not resist the flow of heat which makes it useless and a waste of money. Some of these companies are ceased for low-quality products and insulation paint scam. To avoid these cruel people, you can visit to buy good quality insulation paint. The paints available at the inline store are very efficient and economic. You can choose the appropriate paint and colour from a wide variety of paints. 

The use of insulation paint is extended to space programs. Certain parts are painted with insulation paint to prevent the heat flow and some parts are painted with paints that accelerate the flow of heat. So, do not hesitate to buy insulation paint just make sure you buy a good quality paint that will deliver what it claims. Before applying the insulation paint, you have to make sure that the surface is ready to be painted. Any kind of filth like dirt, oil, and mud should be removed for the proper adhesion of the paint to the wall. Otherwise, if the paint layer does not stick properly the paint will come off in blisters. For smooth, evenly distributed colour and good quality finish follow the instructions before and while painting. Insulation paint does reduce energy consumption but it depends on the quality of the product that you are using.