Hello everyone! I am back with another video on how you can make your kitchen look more appealing and bring back the sparkle to it. 

Not many people put this much effort into painting their kitchen. Usually, it’s just a favorite color on the walls or just a custom palette recommended by the painter. Now you’ve put some effort into knowing how you can make your kitchen look more appealing and different. So let’s talk about it.

Painting your kitchen is comparatively easier than the other rooms because of lesser wall space in the kitchen. Mostly, the walls are covered with cabinets or backsplash. The disadvantage however is, that the cabinets and other stuff that covers the walls need more detailing and attention. You can’t just leave them as it is.

Colors like blue, green, violet, and other similar colors aren’t recommended for kitchens because they don’t stimulate the appetite. 

Honestly, there are no rules for a kitchen but there are recommendations that you and many people in the world like. For instance, black is not a kitchen color but it looks amazing when put in contrast with white. The white can be chairs, tables, lamps, or any other thing that’s prominent enough to be seen easily in front of black. 

A classical warm kitchen never goes out of style. Just use mid-range neutral colors and it would look pretty amazing. Brown, light brown, and other shades of brown in contrast with some light-colored objects in the kitchen would seriously make it look amazing. 

Red isn’t much of a kitchen color but if you’re someone who’s into vibrant colors, try going for stainless steel interior (furniture, etc) along with the red color. It would give your kitchen a stylish look. 

White has been always the best color for kitchens. Well, not always but yeah it is now. White cabinets, floor, roof, walls. You name it. White would give an elegant touch to your kitchen will be complemented by a 24/7 need to keep it clean. Hard work yeah but everything comes with a cost innit?

Blue isn’t much of a kitchen color. Peace, serenity, calmness. You don’t go find them in the kitchen right? Unless you’re fasting. J So yeah blue isn’t recommended. You can still go for it if you like. The heart wants what it wants!

While buying things for your kitchen painting project, don’t forget to buy small brushes for detailing the cabinets, backsplashes, and the remaining areas in the kitchen. A roller won’t be enough to do it neatly. 

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See ya!