That’s right folks! Today you’ll learn how easily you can make your own magnetic chalkboard wall. Exciting isn’t it? Well let’s get to work!

Here’s the checklist for items that we’re gonna need:

  1. Magnetic Primer
  2. Chalkboard Paint
  3. Painter’s Tape
  4. A Paint Brush
  5. A couple of rollers
  6. Two Plastic disposable trays

Now before starting, remove the switch covers from the wall that you’ve chosen. 

We’ll go with the magnetic primer first. You don’t need to worry about the brand. Just buy the one that’s recommended by a friend of someone. 

 Check the paint tub for the area that it would cover. It’s better to know what we have in hand before starting the paint. 

Measure the area on the wall that’s mentioned on your paint tub and mark the boundaries on the wall with the painter’s tape. (Explanatory tone) 

Alrighty! Now we’re good to go. Let’s grab the rollers and get started! 

Paint steady and slow all the way. Don’t leave any patches. Paint here and there and stay inside the boundary. Once you’re done with the first coat of magnetic primer, wait for 30 minutes. Let it dry. 

Here we go for another coat on the wall. All nice and even. Don’t forget, Slow and steady wins the race! 

Now after two coats of magnetic primer on the wall, we will wait for 4 to 5 hours so it dries completely before we apply the Chalkboard paint. 

So that’s why I asked you to buy two rollers. We’re going to apply the chalkboard paint now. There’s plenty of colors to choose from. Select the one that compliments your interior. 

Once the magnetic primer is all dry, we apply the chalkboard paint. One coat after another, all nice and even with a 4 hour break as we did with magnetic primer. 

While you’re doing the last coat, make sure each and every stroke is fine and even. This is important because the last coat is what’s going to decide how the surface looks like. 

Now this is going to take a while to dry. As it’s the last coat, make sure there are no patches and uneven surfaces. 

Well, this might sound a bit too much but you gotta leave this paint for 3 days. Yes full 3 days before you can do anything with it.

It’s all yours after drying. Be as creative as you can. Make pictures, write quotations, write notes, and what not! 

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See ya!