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Hello everyone, and welcome back to my channel. Today’s video is about Masonry paints, their work, how they work, and much more. So keep watching and make sure you go check out other videos on paint types and their uses. 

There are different kinds of paints in the market, having additional benefits. Some of them are aesthetically appealing, whereas others are long-lasting and have other uses. Masonry paint, however, is a jack of all trades kind of paint. It can be directly applied to the brick walls without any primer or anything else. 

It is one of the quickest ways to give appeal to your property. Painting the exteriors of your house/office will not only give it a good look, but it also gives you a waterproof surface that is said to prevent molds and fungus. UV protection and breathable paints are also a bonus in masonry paints, as told by the suppliers. 

Masonry walls are the outer most of the house and are subject to harsh weather and moisture. It can serve as a protective coating for your home, which not only reduces the heat loss but also reduces your electricity bills in winter. 

Moisture retention rate varies in different materials. For a brick, its higher because of high porosity. However, if you apply a masonry paint, the moisture retention rate will lower down because of a protective coating over the brick that does not allow water to pass through it. 

The ability of a paint to breathe is essential. In case you don’t have a breathable paint, it will house various type of fungus and mold. They will not only make your roof look awful but also decrease its life. In areas with cold climate, this mold freezes, and thaw action causes cracks in the roof. 

Why does masonry paint peel off? The elastomeric properties of the paint you apply on your walls are a deciding factor in that situation. The walls contract and expand according to the weather. This causes cracks, and the paint starts peeling off. Always buy paint that offers at least 400% elasticity. 

Classifying a specific type of masonry paint as the best one isn’t an easy task. It's not a one-liner and hence needs thorough discussion and research. Keep watching my videos. My next video is about which type of masonry paint should we use. 

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