Hello everyone and welcome back to my channel. Today we’re gonna talk about flat paints or matt paints, their pros and cons, and suitable areas for them in your house.

Flat paint, also known as matt paint is the type of paint that has more pigments than any other finish. This makes it absorb most of the light. Matte paint is very good at hiding the imperfections in your wall. Bumps, scratches, restored surfaces, and what not. If your wall has gone through all these things, matt paint is the best choice for it. It won’t reflect light and the wall won’t reflect its imperfections.

If you use a good quality matt paint, you can even clean the stains on the walls with a wet cloth. Still its not easy to clean stains from matt paint. That’s why it isn’t suitable to use matt paint in high traffic areas such as kitchen and bedroom. It can be preferably used in areas with low traffic such as formal rooms or dining rooms. 

As it is very hard to clean matt/flat paints, never use them in bathroom or kitchen. They aren’t moisture resistant so it’s a big no if you want to paint your bathroom or kitchen with flat paint. 

Matte paints are water based which makes them easier to apply and dry. Talking about surfaces they adhere to; they won’t easily stick to all kinds of surfaces and quickly dry. 

Matte paints are less durable than those with a sheen. They are more preferably used on ceilings and walls that are potentially damaged to hide the imperfections. 

Wiping down matt paints does not result in good. It will leave long streaks of paint which will ruin the look of your wall. Other types of paint can be easily cleaned because they do not absorb water which allows it to wipe the stain. 

A room with matt paints would absorb light and it would make it look airy and smooth. Its overall a nice experience to sit in a room with matt paint. The downsides, however are really a factor that needs to be considered. It all ends up on mood and preference. Some people don’t like shiny walls that over reflect the light even if they are durable and can be cleaned. Whereas some of them are looking for something that stays for longer. Its all up to your personal preference.

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