Paint Colours and Painting Ideas for your Bedroom |

The bedroom is a vital part of your home. Choosing the right paint colours can determine the atmosphere in the bedroom, and how cool it will feel. It is important when choosing interior paint colour schemes that you find colours that allow you to relax, especially in the bedroom. There are many ways to paint a bedroom but, without a doubt, the most logical and practical is to paint it with a relaxing colour, since the bedroom is the room where we relax and rest, and we must create an environment conducive to it. Don’t you think? Luckily, by taking a look at the colour wheel, we can see exactly which colours are relaxing and which are not. See the bedroom colours below for inspiration to choose the perfect colour. 

Blue and its shades

Blue is the most relaxing colour that we can use to paint a bedroom. When it comes to bedroom colours, there is nothing more relaxing than a deep shade of blue. It is the colour of the sky at dusk and the tone of the sea. When you enter a room reminiscent of a starry night sky, you instantly feel calm. In addition to being calming, a shade of dark blue makes any room appear larger because it is difficult for the eye to define the edges of the walls. We could look at the colour wheel for its tones and shades.

Green and its shades

Of all the bedroom colours you can choose from, pale green is very inviting. It’s a refreshing colour that goes well with country-style décor. If you have a small room to decorate, a pale green like Aloe Vera is the perfect colour option to expand your space. It’s a pretty colour that draws attention to the wall and makes a stunning backdrop for classic bedroom accessories. Sheer curtains and accent pieces in a matching colour turn your room into a personal oasis where you can escape the stress of the outside world.

Purple and its shades

One of the trendiest paint colours for bedrooms right now is purple. It is a colour for those with a more daring taste in decoration. When worn well, this colour, traditionally reserved for royalty, looks very luxurious. There are many shades of purple that can make your bedroom look like part of a palace. You can use just a touch of this purple shade on an accent wall in your bedroom, or you can paint all the walls in this sumptuous colour. The only downside to having a purple bedroom is that you will stay in bed all day to enjoy this gorgeous colour.


White is a bedroom colour that instantly brightens up the room and makes it look modern and clean. It is a versatile option that blends seamlessly with any bedroom décor you choose. During the day, a white bedroom looks cool and cosy. And at night the colour mixes with the shadows to become an excellent neutral.

Pale pink colour

The pale pink colour, although it is a very soft colour and has little saturation, is not a relaxing colour in itself. But it creates an atmosphere so enveloping, soft and pleasant, that I had to put it on this list of the most relaxing colours for a bedroom.

Obviously, there are many other colours that create serene and calm environments, such as sand tones, beige and brown; but they are not in the cold part of the circle, but in the hot part, which tells us about them that they are warm colours. This does not mean that they cannot be painted with them and achieve a relaxing atmosphere, but they are not the most effective. 

When choosing the colours for the bedrooms, you have to decide the atmosphere you want in your most intimate space. Whether you choose a modern look or a luxurious and relaxing atmosphere, the paint colour you choose will be the fundamental base on which you will create your decoration.