It is often said that colours dictate the mood. Before painting your guest room, it is essential to know a few basics. What colours to choose according to the dimensions of the room? What precautions should I take? Let's see in detail how to choose a paint colour for the guest room.

Some Essential Tips For Painting A Guest Room

Choosing the colour of a room is never easy, especially when it comes to the room where you host your guests.

To avoid making any mistakes, two points should be remembered:

  • The choice of colours according to the size of the room
  • The size of your guest room is the first criterion to take into account.

You should know that some colours can visually bring more volume to a room while others have the opposite effect:

  • If the floor area and the ceiling height of the room in question are too small, choose light and neutral tones such as pearl grey, white or even ivory.
  • On the other hand, if you find that your guest room is much too spacious, which can sometimes leave a feeling of coldness; it is advisable to opt for deeper colours. You can paint it in intense blue or even in chocolate brown to create a more convivial atmosphere.

The Importance Of Harmonizing Colours

If you plan to use different colours of paint for your guest room, make sure they match perfectly. Shades are often recommended to avoid missteps.

However, nothing prevents you from choosing contrasting colours for more originality. In this case, just avoid putting two different dark colours side by side. 

Here are some examples to help you see more clearly:


is the favourite colour for French bedrooms. It brings a certain serenity allowing to calm down before going to bed. Sky blue, cloud blue, Prussian blue… you can choose any shade.


 is now back in fashion. This colour allows you to create an atmosphere closer to nature, ideal for recharging your batteries. Sage green is very trendy today, to combine with a white or natural wood furniture for better rendering.


 creates a romantic atmosphere. If you often have couples who come to visit you, you can very well adopt the shades of this colour. On the other hand, the latter are more recommended for a parental room than a guest room.

Tie and dye

 is an excellent mix of originality and modernity. It is, however, advisable to paint only one bedroom wall as well and to choose a neutral colour for the rest.

Neutral hues

 are strongly encouraged to create a timeless decor to everyone's taste. We are talking here about shades of grey, beige, white or even taupe.

The guest room being above all space meant to accommodate different people, the ideal is to stay on neutral and soothing paint colours, which will allow all your loved ones to feel good in this room which is dedicated to them.