Room Colors and Their Effect on Your Mood |

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This video is going to be about how colors affect your mood and, I hope you find this information useful if you’re thinking of changing the interiors or getting a new house. 


So the first color that we’re gonna talk about today is RED. Red indicates passion and is a strong color. The red color would raise the energy levels as it is a vibrant color. So if your room is painted red with the moderation of some other color, it would stir strong feelings and the environment would be warm. 

Well, here’s something else you should know before going for the red color in your room. Overdoing red color would increase your heartbeat and your breathing rate which of course isn’t a good thing for you. So check some color schemes that get along good with red and finalize the one that suits your interior. 

Using this color in the living room or dining room is preferred because it is an inviting color and anyone who enters will feel comfortable. 


Next comes the blue color. Blue is a peaceful and serene color. A blue wall in your bedroom or your living room would make it look so peaceful and soothing. Dark shades of blue color also make sleeping easier for those who find it difficult to sleep at night. 


Green is also an awesome color to generate positive and optimistic emotions. Light and faded green color would bring peace to your room’s environment. Green can be used in studios, offices, and even your bedroom to bring out positive and relaxing feelings.


Yellow is another warm color and brings out subtle energy into the environment. It is suitable for kitchen and bathroom walls. Using yellow in the bedroom and living room isn’t much recommended because it can trigger emotions like anger. 


White is one of the neutral colors that’s refreshing, natural, and neutral, as long as the color isn’t plain and simple/ pure white. Stark white paint might make you feel anxious and uneasy as complete white is not very appealing to the eyes. Various shades of white would have different effects on your mood. Using a warm shade of white would create a cozy and clean feeling. 


Purple color is said to increase creativity and gives a feeling of luxury. Dark purple gives off a strong organized and sophisticated feel whereas light purple is a comparatively calm and restful color. 


Brown is also a nice color to go to in your living room or drawing-room. It makes you feel closer to nature and peaceful. So if you’re looking for an escape, brown is your color. 

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