Storing Wall Paint Properly |

Sometimes there is still some paint leftover after painting the wall, which could soon be used for repair work. In individual cases, it is a full, closed bucket, but mostly it is only leftovers in a half-empty container. If you store this colour correctly, you may even be able to fall back on it many years later. How does it work?

Storing wall paint in unopened containers

First of all, the unopened wall paints, they are the easiest to store: Keep the container closed and place it in a cool room with as constant a temperature as possible. A cellar or pantry would be appropriate for this

Also take a look at the best before date, which in the “Wall paint” section is often around two years. However, only use this date as a rough guide, because you can store an unopened wall paint twice or three times as long.

Storing already opened walk paints

A wall paint that has already been opened has already come into contact with the surrounding air, and brushes and rollers have also been dipped into it. This guarantees that some germs have got into the paint and will gradually begin to decompose the substance.

For this reason, you must expect that the colour will no longer last as long as stated on the best-before date; in any case, it will go bad faster than if it were not opened. How to prevent more germs from getting into the stored wall paint:

  • Wash some screw-top jars with hot water.
  • Pick up a spoon or spatula.
  • Pour the leftover paint into the screw jars.
  • Close the screw caps as tightly as possible.
  • Turn the jars upside-down and store the wall paint upside-down.

With this measure, you ensure that your paint is airtight. Now just put them in a cool, evenly tempered room, and you can look forward to enjoying your coating for a long time!


  1. When wall paints stand for a long time, binders and solvents usually settle on the top, and the pigments sink to the bottom. You should stir a transparent or yellowish liquid on the surface; it does not indicate that the colour has “tilted”.
  2. Bad smells and visible mould, on the other hand, indicate that you urgently need to dispose of your wall paint. It looks the same when the separate components can no longer be mixed with one another.