What Is Chalkboard Paint?

Chalkboard paint has plenty of fun and imaginative uses.  It is just a paint with low VOCs that you can add to almost any surface that turns the surface into a functional chalkboard that you can draw and erase like a regular chalkboard. Chalkboard paint is usually for kids because it is so much fun and joy. Kids can use this paint on any surface and make that surface a regular chalkboard. The chalkboard paint is very safe as well because it has low VOCs. So, you don’t need to worry about fumes, your kids are safe to play with this paint.

Why Chalkboard should be used?

Fast and simple transition-painting walls and practically anything's surfaces are a cinch!

Usefulness-With it you can do too many things, very flexible.

Artistic and educational aim - experience an ever-changing 'canvas' with thoughts, images, and artwork with all ages.

Nostalgia-Children at school are no longer using chalkboards much, at any. It takes back the memories of an old day; the children do not feel anymore.

It is true that straight Chalk paint provides lots of aspirations and may very well give, as an example, a distinctive look not only at a concept but in addition to a different wall and even a tiny low item kind of a glass. While it is a little more costly than normal, individuals tend not to do it as a result because it provides the children with plenty of entertainment, but also because it is convenient to wash and hold. Simply spray the floor with a wet rag or a sponge and the cleaning is done as well, or you can hire professional cleaners like to do it for you. However, anytime it will be appropriate to repaint the surface for a while because of daily cleaning leads to the paint 's premature weakening.

Some Problem That Can Occur When Using Chalkboard Paint

Price-Chalkboard paint is more costly than most paints. Chalkboard spray paint will even cost you more.

Dust & Allergies – When you start painting walls, someone who has asthma or any other breathing conditions at home or who has allergies must be addressed. Chalk dust sensitivities are actual, and chalk dust that floats in the air is known as an irritant.

Time and preparation-You would require at least 3 coats of paint in paints, with drying periods in. It would continue to settle and cure the final coat for at least a week. (So, do not get so happy for the children!)

Repainting and Damages – There are many layers needed to paint the walls with Chalkboard paint. You will need to strip the wall with sanding and TLC to convert the wall back to base colour.

Do not go extreme-It is preferred that you paint accent walls and smaller spaces throughout your home than completely flown rooms.

There are quite some benefits of using chalk paint as well as being ready-made and there are no preparation problems to consider. Chalk paints are long lasting and durable while other paints are not the same as such paints. The chalk paint's major benefit is to use it on whatever surface you choose, so it is easy to use on whatever wall. Chalk paints are therefore very easy to use, and there are no unique preparation exercises and classes to take. These attributes make this paint somewhat different from that of others.

Chalk paint is a flexible style of paint that gives you distinctive finish. It brings a very special look to the walls and various styles of textures that are awesome to watch. Chalk paints are also used in the flooring, as it gives the floor a very appealing and dashing appearance due to its natural look. Best Chalk Paint gives you more choice in the paints and gives you more interest in the wall and board.

How to Prepare Your Walls for Chalkboard Paint?

  • Firstly, paint the region with a coat of tinted primer to suit the shade you like best. Chalkboard paint comes in several different colours. Make sure you prime for the best possible colour match.
  • Second, paint with chalkboard ink on a sheet. Let it dry and reapply until the coverage you are looking for is obtained.
  • Wall Season. Cover the entire surface with chalk until the paint dries, to allow the surface to be painted on. Only use a large chalk stick on its side to brush the chalkboard paint with a thin layer to wash it clean. 

To sum up, even though the whole process of using chalk paint seems very pricey, we should guarantee that the amount paid will be significantly cheaper than the cost of sending furniture to repair centers. The best thing of using chalk paint is that you do not need to have the expertise about the design technique, and you can fully freely repair apply paint yourself.