The Best Garden Paint To Bring Your Garden Back To Life |

The colour and type of pint you use in the garden determines the look and the feel of the garden. Proper selection of the colour and quality of the paint can change the look of the garden. While selecting the paint for the garden it is important to choose good quality paint. The paints are categorized as interior and exterior paints. The garden falls in the exterior paint category but normal exterior paint will not do the job because of the extra hostile environment as compared to exterior walls. In the garden, more factors resist the paint like moisture, rain, water from irrigation of the plants, and sunlight. There is no other hostile environment like this for a paint. 

The chances of mould growth are maximum in the garden because of the continuous presence of water. But this water is required for the proper growth of plants and flowers planted in the garden. The mould growing rate is faster in the garden as compared to other high moisture presence surfaces like the kitchen and bathroom. There are many types of materials present in the garden that need separate paint and extra care like the fence, furniture, and metal works. The weather challenges are at its peak in the garden because there is sunlight presence all the time, the area is exposed to moisture and water most times of the day. So, the paint should be equipped with tools to handle these harsh conditions.

Due to the continuous need for water for the garden plants and flowers, there is the presence of water. This water could absorb in the wall and rise making the whole surface damp. A small amount of water or even a large amount of water for a small-time like rain is fine and easy to deal with. But this water presence for a long time creates mould and mildew problems. The rain, snow, wind, and fleet give a very tough time for the paint. The paint has to be extra tough to deal with these types of challenges.

A good quality garden paint

The tough challenges that a paint faces in a garden are mentioned above. So, paint with good resistance and capabilities should be used for good results.

  • Mould and algae prevention

The presence of water makes a desirable environment for mould to grow. The paint should have good mould resistant abilities. The paint should be able to prevent the growth of the mould for a long time because the danger of mould presence is not for short time. If the paint is not of good quality it will fail to protect in long run. Even in the presence of water in the paint should resist mould growth. 

  • Water resistance

The paint layer should seal the surface and cut the supply or penetration of any kind of water. Since the area is exposed so, there is water present due to dew, rain, and moisture in the air. These challenges are easy for paint to fight but the presence of gardening water makes it hard for the paint. The paint layer should hold off any source of water for a long time.

  • Furniture and fence protection

Along with the protection of the garden walls, the paint needs to protect the fence, furniture, and other things present in the garden. The wooden furniture and fence are always in danger due to the exposed environment. A layer of the paint applied to the fence and furniture should protect the wood from termite, ants, and other wood beetles. The presence of these insects will ruin the wood in a very short time. Similarly, metal goods should also be painted to prevent them from rust. Make sure you prepare the surface of wood and metal before the application of the paint.

Surface preparation of your garden is very important as it can increase the life of your paint job. The better surface paint has to stick the longer the paint will hold its ground. Different surfaces should be prepared in different manners, for example, the wall surface can be washed with detergent and water but to prepare the wood or metal surface you have to use a file or sandpaper. Before painting the wood that will be exposed to the outside environment should be primed before painting. This priming process protects the wood and provides a good surface for the paint to adhere to. The process of applying the primer is the same as the process of applying the paint. You should let the primer layer dry completely before applying a paint layer. The surface of the wood should be completely dry before the application of the paint. Summertime is best to paint a fence and other wooden things. While painting the wood use vertical strokes to paint vertical wood panels and horizontal strokes for horizontal wood panels. Before starting to paint, make sure that the plants and flowers are covered with some sheets. Remove all the plastic or cardboard covering of flowers, plants, and vegetables after the paint is completely dried. Repair any damaged goods before painting it. After the job clean all your tools for future use. Spend some time on surface preparation you will not regret this. If the work is of a small scale you can do it yourself or hire a professional for the job because it can be difficult. If doing yourself read the instructions and safety measures carefully. 

To get the sightly and alive look of the garden make some surveys maybe to your neighbour's or your friend's garden to get the paint colour ideas. It is easy to decide after you visualize the scene as compared to all the imaginary picture in your mind. The paint colours should be tested on small scale like a pot or chair to get the desired shade of the paint. Apply a primer layer to the surface before the paint layer to get a better finish and final result. If you like the test run, apply the paint to all the surface if you do not like it, you still have the chance to get it right. 

You can visit the online store at for good quality garden paints. The product there is of good quality and available in a wide variety at a reasonable price. The paint will protect outdoor furniture and provide lifelong resistance against harsh weather conditions. Make sure you buy a different colour shade for different things present in your garden like choose a separate colour for the fence, furniture, and walls. Before selecting the paint, colour choose a theme, first decide that you want bright or dark or mixed colours.