The best insulation paint to reduce heat loss or heat gain and energy bills in winter and summer |

Paint can provide more than just charming texture and weather protection, it can provide an insulation layer too. The paint needs to fulfill the basic needs like weather protection and colour first and then provide some extraordinary characteristics. The insulation paint can be useful in both winter and summer seasons. The insulation is provided to the building or a room to separate it from surroundings for example, in summer to reduce the effect of direct sun exposure and in winter to restrict the heat flow to the outside environment. The insulation paint helps to make the building detached from the open environment.

Insulation paint can save money by reducing your energy bills in summer and winter. The paint makes a layer that acts as a barrier against the heat flow either in or out of the room. If the wall is painted from both sides with insulation paint it will be more efficient. In summer the direct exposure of sun to the wall can increase the temperature inside the room. This extra heat due to the presence of sunlight increases the cooling load on the air conditioner. To maintain a comfortable temperature air conditioner has to work more and thus more power bills. Insulation paint can remove this problem by disconnecting the room from its surroundings. The cooling load in the room will remain the same, it will not increase due to sunlight and the energy bill will be reduced. Similarly, in winter the surroundings are cold and heat from the room tends to travel outside. Insulation paint will prevent the heat flow and keep the room warm for a long time and thus decreasing the heater's working time. The paint should be of good quality to resist heat flow. A good insulation paint can save up to 25 percent of your cooling bills in summer and 40 percent of heating bills in winter. 

Insulation paints are applied to the interior and exterior of the wall and roof surfaces. Insulation paint uses technology to keep the heat from penetrating the surface. The paint makes a very reflective layer on drying which reflects all the incident sunlight. This is effective because instead of increasing the temperature of the wall the sunlight is reflected away without any absorption. If the paint has good reflective and less absorptive powers it is good insulation paint. The percentage part of the light that is not reflected is taken care of by using a sphere technology. The remaining light is blocked by the tiny microspheres. The colour selection of the paint is also necessary for this specific application. Every colour has its absorbing abilities, for example, the black paint should not be used at all because it will absorb all the incident light instead of reflecting it which can increase the temperature. The strength of the paint products differs based on their applications. In households use the temperature difference between a house and outside temperature is not much and paint with normal capabilities will work. But in industrial applications, the temperature difference could be very high and the paint should have extremely good capabilities to handle that. This temperature could be due to the use of some machine or any other significant operation.  Insulation paint has a variety of applications ranging from household use to industrial, transportation, marine, and space shuttles. The thermal coating is applied to achieve the required temperature range regardless of the outside temperature. 

Sometimes paint is not enough to resist the heat flow. This happens due to severe conditions of very high-temperature difference then a dielectric material like air, wood, or some synthetic material is used to insulate the surface. The insulation paints are available separately or you can add an additive to your existing paint to make it insulative. While insulating your house the most effective and common solution is to use fiberglass insulation. This process is costly and lengthy, you can avoid this by using an insulation paint that can do the job. Before buying and applying the paint you have to make sure that the paint will hold in those conditions.

There are many types of insulation paints which use a different kind of technologies to block the heat. Apart from the above-mentioned technology, some paints are ceramic-based. This ceramic paint layer prevents the heat flow by creating a thin and tight vacuum layer. As the vacuum has insulative properties this kind of paints is also effective. Most paints work on the principle of trapping air to stop the flow of heat. The effectiveness of any insulation paint is debatable, some say that it does not affect the energy bills at all but others say if used correctly it can save up to 35 percent of the energy bill throughout winter and summer.

The best insulative properties can be achieved by using high-class paint and applying it in an efficient way. For good results, the paint layer must stick to the surface very well. For this, you have to prepare the surface before the application of the paint layer. Remove any kind of filth, dirt, oil, grease, or stains for a good clean surface. The important thing about the paint should be noted before buying and using it, that is the paint should not be toxic or harmful. To achieve thermal properties additives are added to the paint. These additives should not react to the paint and cause problems. While using the paint it should not release any toxic smell. Follow the instructions a use prescribed thinners and additives for the best results and your safety. To effectively reduce your energy bills use the insulation in interior walls and ceilings and exterior walls and roof. 

As compared to simple ordinary paints the insulation paints are hard to find. Of course, you will find insulation paints easily but those paints do not resist the heat flow very efficiently. Even if you found good insulation paint its effect will be very short and soon after it will not work. To avoid these frauds and low-quality money-wasting products you should try this online store. The paint products present her may be costly but they will deliver the best results and will put worth to your money. For a higher quality thermal insulation paint visit the online store at You can find fine paint products here. The quality of the product is assured and it will be delivered to you at a reasonable price.