The Best Insulation Paint to Reduce the Energy Consumed by Electrical Cooling and Heating Appliances |

Cooling is required in hot summer days for a comfortable environment. The higher temperatures can be harmful and it is difficult to work in those environments. That is why the cooling appliances are used like air coolers or air conditioners to achieve a comfortable environment. Similarly, in the winter season, the heating is required to survive in extreme conditions. These heating and cooling devices operate on electricity.  The amount of electricity used depends on the load on the appliance if there is a bigger room to be cooled down more power will be used similarly for heating. It makes sense that a bigger room needs more electricity to cool down but in summer rooms sun bathed walls need more time to cool down. This is due to the fact that the direct exposure of the sun is constantly increasing the temperature of the room and thus increasing lad on the air conditioner. This phenomenon tends to increase electricity bills. In winters almost the same problems happen, the temperature of the outside environment is less than inside. So, heat flows from the room to the outside increasing the heating load on the heater. 

This can be avoided by using a dielectric or insulator material in the walls. This material is introducing to resist the heat flow from either side of the wall to the other. This process is costly and lengthy that is why an effective, cheap, and fast solution is to use an insulating paint on the interior and exterior of the room. This insulating paint layer is applied to interior walls and ceilings and exterior walls and roof to insulate the building. This isolates the building from its environment and helps in maintaining the temperature. The paint prevents the flow of heat from the surroundings into the room in summer and from the room to the surrounding in winter. 

There are many categories of insulation paint. A variety of insulation paints uses different techniques to stop the heat flow. The first and most important is to reflect the incident heat. This kind of paint forms a shiny surface on drying which reflects all the incident heat back into the surroundings. The efficiency of this depends on the finish quality, if the finished surface is smooth and shiny the heat will be blocked from entering. The second category uses a technology that makes small microspheres to block the flow of heat. The air is trapped in these spheres and acts as an insulator against heat flow. The combination of reflection and sphere technology is an efficient method to keep the building insulated. Another type of paint makes a ceramic layer on drying which acts as an insulator. This kind of paint uses an additive to make the paint more resistive and stronger against the flow of heat. 

The selection of the type of paint depends on the type of application. The insulation paints are used widely in transportation, marine, space shuttle, household, and industrial applications. Some applications have very temperature difference that makes the heat flow process very fast and difficult for the paint to resist. In the household application, the temperature difference is moderate which can be controlled easily. Paint can be made insulative by adding an additive to it which gives it the properties of an insulator. Good thermal paint should have high surface heat transmit ion value, low thermal conductivity, and microspheres with air trapped into them or empty creating vacuum. Apart from the insulation challenges the paint should not lack in other paint properties. The paint should protect against weather conditions, water-resistant, and prevent mould formation. The paint should hold its colour the same for its lifetime. The colour should not fade in the presence of the sunlight.

The thermal insulating value of the building or the R-value is the degree of insulation quality of the house. If the R-value is greater means that the building is well insulated. To achieve bigger R values an insulator sheet of plastic or any other dielectric material is used in walls to prevent the flow of heat. This value depends on the insulator material you are using in the insulation process of the building. Only insulation paint will not increase significantly the value of thermal insulating. Usually, the combination of insulating material and paint is used to achieve total detachment of the building from the surrounding. Insulating the building by applying a non-conductor material between walls is done while constructing the structure of the building. It is not possible to introduce an insulation sheet after the building is completely constructed. In this case a higher quality thermally insulation paint will do the job. The paint will increase the value of R of the building. But one thing should be kept in mind that only the use of insulation paint will not hold the heat flow in extreme conditions. When the temperature difference is high between the room and surrounding some heat could slip through because the rate of heat flow depends on the temperature difference on both sides of the material. The paint will hold when the temperature differences are moderate and will decrease electricity consumption. 

Due to global warming, it is difficult to survive in extremely hot and cold temperatures. That is why these electrical appliances are used to benefit us. Since it is a tough job to do these appliances consume a lot of electricity and result in higher energy bills. To avoid the energy consumptions these appliances should work efficiently and the load applied should be less. The load on the appliance working in the room is almost constant but the problem is the surrounding load. Additional cooling is required in summer when heat travels into the room. That is when the thermally insulated paints come in to use. Almost all the types of insulation paints work on the same principle which is they trap air. On drying the paint makes a dry layer with air bubbles in it since the air is an insulator so it resists the flow of heat. 

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