Masonry paint is acrylic based paint that is used for exterior purposes of painting. This paint has a resin, that is added to enhance its abilities. This paint is suitable for exterior applications because it can withstand severe weather conditions. The exterior of any building is in direct contact with an open atmosphere and sunlight which means it is open to temperature and humidity variations and other climate challenges. The paint selected for this purpose should be resistant to humidity and other environmental challenges.

The rejuvenation process involves repainting the walls to increase the attractiveness of the walls for selling purposes or the existing paint has reached its life limits. This process can add value to your property making it more welcoming. While doing this you have the chance to refresh your home’s exterior. If you are just rejuvenation your exterior walls for a new look and the previous paint has done its job you have the chance to apply the option you always thought. For example, while painting you chose a colour previous time but you had another colour in your mind that you could not apply. Because you can only use one colour at a time overall. Now you have to make your fantasy real. 

Mostly the acrylic paint is suitable for exterior application. For the rejuvenation process, you must prepare the surface very carefully. In this process, selecting the paint is not as much trouble as the preparation of the surface before applying any other colour. The surface should be free of any dirt or oil stains before the application of the paint. Otherwise, the paint layer will not stick to the surface and cause problems. 

Good paint for rejuvenation

If the previous paint was failed due to poor quality, you do not want to make the same mistake again. This time make sure that you buy good quality paint that will last what it claims. If the paint was good and lasted its time, then it is alright. These following characteristics should be present in paint that will be used on exterior walls.

  • The paint you choose for rejuvenation should be different from normal masonry paints. Because the exterior wall paints have special ingredients like glass fibre, crushed marble, perlite, resins, and emulsifiers. These ingredients are added to the paint to make it extra tough and more resistant to weather challenges.
  • The paint should be resin-based, the abilities of the paint against different environmental challenges depends on the quality of the resin added to the paint. Better the qualities of the paint are if the resin used is of good quality. 
  • The paint should have good resistance against water in either rain or moisture form. The paint layer should act as a barrier to prevent water penetrating to the surface which can result in mould and mildew problems.
  • The exterior walls are in direct contact with the sun most of the time. So, the paint should not fade away after some time. The paint should have UV protection so that the colour of the paint remains the same even in long term sun exposure. 
  • The paint should give a smooth and good texture to finish on drying. The colour should be evenly distributed and long-lasting. The finish of the paint should not illuminate the defects present in the surface. 

Surface preparation is an important process even if you are painting your property for the first time. But it is not as detailed as painting the property again. Start by selecting the colour that you want to paint your walls. If it is a different colour from the previous one that means you have to remove the previous colour from the walls for proper texture and even paint colour. Then start cleaning the surface with water cloth to remove any kind of dirt, mud, oil, stains, or any other filth to make sure the proper adhesion of the paint to the surface. Since the previous paint is ruined by blistering and flaking this means the moisture has already penetrated to the surface. Since the paint layer is not there to do its job the mould is most likely started to grow. The spread of mould and mildew depends on how much time you took to decide rejuvenation after paint started to crumble. If it was shortly after the previous paint layer started to damage the spread of the mould will not be much wide and easily controllable. But you may need a layer of mould killing paint if waited long enough to let the mould spread all around. Once the previous paint layer is removed and the surface is cleaned from any kind of barrier that will resist the adhesion process of the paint, start painting a new layer of the paint. 

Water-based masonry paint can be applied to a range of surfaces as long as it is dry and clean. A new fresh coating is applied with minimum surface preparation if the problems caused by previous paint are not so severe. The previous substrate present on the surface can be painted over with water-based paints because the new paint layer allows the moisture to pass through and evaporate. The water-based paint is easy to handle and dries very fast to give a waterproof paint layer. The water evaporates into the surroundings to make the paint dry.  

In the colour selecting process before making a colour a final decision use sample pots, large colour samples, and colour chips to test the colour. If you like the colour make it your final choice otherwise you have a chance to change your choice. The colour selection can be tricky, one colour would look good in your mind but once it is laid you may not find it attractive or pleasing this can be stressful. To avoid this, make sure you test the colour different times on different things to make it your final choice. You can choose different types of finishes for your exterior; paint comes in a variety of finishes. Choose a finish that will fill up the cracks to have some elasticity to allow some expansion and contraction of the walls in different temperature conditions. 

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