Paint is a colourful substance that is used to enhance the beauty of the building and to protect it from severe weather conditions. Paint can be applied to any masonry work to increase its lifeline by protecting it from moisture and temperature variations. If you want to protect the exterior from every weather threat then masonry paint is the right option. The masonry paints are usually acrylic paint designed to be used in exterior applications. The sole purpose of the acrylic paint is to decorate and protect the exterior. Painting the exterior is one of many ways to improve the look of your building especially if you are thinking of a sale.

The outside or exterior of the house is a very important part, it gives a good first impression if the paint is of good quality and colour selection is good. The building design by architectures is complete by applying the right type of paint concerning required needs. The use of exterior paint improves the appearance of the building, improving curb appeals that make the building more welcoming. The acrylic paint is the suitable masonry paint for the exterior because it has what it takes to defend the exterior from harsh weather. The challenges that a pint has to face while in direct contact with an open atmosphere are variable humidity, rain, extreme temperature conditions, and sunshine. 

What is a masonry paint?

Masonry paints are acrylic based paints and are used for exterior painting purposes. These paints are designed to adhere to different kinds of surfaces like concrete, pebble-dash, softwood, metal, and rendering. As compared to other emulsion paints the masonry paints are suitable for the exterior of your house. While the emulsion paints are preferred for interior use. The masonry paint is applied to the exterior because it can withstand all kinds of environment and it protects against weather conditions. 

Benefits of Masonry paint

  • Heat resistant

The masonry paint you choose for your exterior should be heat resistant. You have to select an extra quality paint if the temperature variations in your area are high. The paint should have the capacity to withstand the movement of the building due to an increase in temperature in the day time and a decrease in temperature at night time. The paint should be elastic to survive these changes.

  • Waterproof

The paint should be water-resistant. The paint layer should not let the water penetrate through to the surface of the wall. Because if paint fails to stop water it will damp the wall surface and mould will grow on it which impacts the health of people around it. The acrylic masonry paints are water-based which means when applying the paint, the water will be used as thinner but once the surface is dried the paint layer will resist the water diffusion. 

  • Weather protection

One of the most important jobs of the exterior paint is to provide weather protection. The paint should resist the severe temperature and humidity variations and does not let these factors affect the surface to which the paint is applied. Because the paint is in direct exposure to the sun, the colour of the paint should not fade away after some time. The colour and look of the paint should remain the same as it was the first day of application.

  • Tinted

The paint should be tinted. You should be able to select the right colour for your use out of various options. Before selecting the paint, colour make sure you use the paint on a smaller area for testing. If you like the colour of the paint make that paint colour your final decision. 

  • Acrylic resin

The masonry paint should have a good quality acrylic resin added to it for good properties. The main reason for adding the resin to the acrylic paint is to give it extraordinary properties to withstand harsh conditions. A good quality resin prevents peeling and flaking of the paint and provides a smooth flawless coverage of the paint. The resin used should have biocide technology to resist mould growth and preventing it from coming back. The paint should have at least ten years of protection. This rein should be easy to work with and harmless for the people interacting with it.  

Before applying the exterior paint to your exterior there are several aspects you need to consider. These things are required to be done for a good quality surface finish and long sticking of the paint layer to the walls. The first step is to clean the wall properly before applying pain to it. Use soapy water and cloth to remove any kind of mud, dirt, stains, oil spots, mould, and insects like ants. If these are not properly removed from the wall, they will act as a sealant between the paint layer and wall. This will resist the sticking of the pain to the wall that results in blistering of the paint. 

After the surface preparation, the next thing would be selecting the paint and its colour. The colour selection does not depend on the type of application, it mostly depends on your choice. But, the type of pint does depend on the type of application. In good masonry paint, the above-mentioned properties should exist to achieve the required results. To save yourself from trouble, you can go to to buy paint. They have quality paint products which will deliver what they claim and you can select in accordance with your need. There is a wide variety of colours and prints to choose from so that you find the best one for yourself. You can select an appropriate paint from available paint colours and finishes.

To get a long-lasting, strong paint layer you should select the time and method of paint application. For example, the basic step is to follow the manufacturer's instructions before using the paint. But the decision of a good time should not be made without checking the weather forecast. You should not paint the acrylic paint if there is a chance of rain in the upcoming future. You should give the paint enough time that it dries properly and the paint layer is fully developed. For even distribution of the paint start from the corners and move away. Another important rule you should keep in mind that, buy enough amount of paint that will paint your whole area. Because if you need more paint in case of deficiency it can be hard to find the same paint in the same colour as before.